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Why You Should Travel to Japan- Top Reasons

Japan is one of the countries that has the fastest and best technology in the world. Japan is a dream destination for everyone as the country has many reasons that will make you fall in love with it instantly, yes, it’s that great.

Most people are searching for why they should travel to Japan, and what’s good in this country. In this article, you will discover some of the interesting and surprising facts about this destination place, Japan.

So, let’s move forward with the reasons why you should travel to Japan.

Reasons To Travel to Japan

Here are mentioned below:

Japan is Very Clean:

Japan has the cleanest roads and towns you will ever see. The first thing you will notice after landing in this country is the cleanliness. You will not see a single piece of wrapper or any other waste material on the streets of Japan. People here are so clean and disciplined that they keep walking with waste material in their hands until they found a place where they can discharge it. The reason cleanliness is important is that it gives mental and inner peace to your mind and body. Clean streets refresh our minds and it also proved helpful to make us think positively and to be optimistic about life.

Japan Cuisine

Do you know about the famous Japanese food sushi? Japanese cuisine is unique and their traditional way of preparing these dishes is unique and errand, but still, it tastes so good that it will leave your mouth watering. Japanese cuisine cares a lot about hygiene and food is prepared with strict surveillance, preparing the food in clean and hygiene environment, that why the visitors in the Japan fall in love with their rich food culture. The most delicious food that you should try in Japan includes Sashimi/Donburi/Ramen and the list goes on.

The restaurants in Japan have rich interior designs giving aesthetic and cute vibes, that will make you stun while eating food with such a rich and eye-capturing view.

Excellent Transportation

Finding a bus, car, and train is the easiest thing to do in Japan. You do not have to stand and wait for of hours to find a bus or car on the streets of Japan. The trains in Japan are unbelievably punctual and they are never a second late. If you are traveling to Japan for the first time, you will see many students taking a bus alone without depending on anyone and without fear. The trains here are Soo fast that you will cover them in half the time as compared to regular buses and trains in ay other countries.

Natural Architecture and Landscapes

The Japanese have rich traditional culture, you will their cultural majestic temples with unique architectural work such as Nara period, Shinto shrines, Kyoto shrine, etc. The architectural places in Japan will leave you stunning and you will not be able to take your eyes off these beautiful places.

The natural landscapes in Japan attract the most visitors as the country have beautiful hills and mountains. The snow show in Japan is worth watching and you will never see such a charming snow show in any place in the world. One of Japan’s most beautiful and eye-catching landscapes are Fuji, Abukumado cave, Beppu Onsen, etc.

Amazing and Nice Hospitality

Japanese culture gives great respect to foreigners, visitors, and travelers. The Japanese people are not nice and helpful, even though there is a huge language barrier but they are understanding and very cooperative and they will help you as much as they can.

Low Crime Ratio

Japan has the lowest crime ratio in the world. The people here are so safe and there are lesser chances of harassment and stealing on the streets, even children here move freely on the streets of the country. The state has strict surveillance cameras everywhere so there is no chance of street harassment. The country is safe so travelers and visitors are most welcome here, where they can wander the streets without fear and danger.


These are some of the top reasons why you should visit Japan at least once in your life. There might be some points missing in this, but once you travel to Japan you will have a lot of new stories and points to add, as every person have a different taste for likings and disliking, there might be some addition in these points but there is one thing common that you will not be able to resist yourself for falling in love with this country.

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