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19 Awesome Things to Do in Bathurst, NSW with Kids
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19 Awesome Things to Do in Bathurst, NSW with Kids

It has been years since we went for a breeze with our kids; I discussed it with my wife, Marzia. Then we decided to go for a Sunday breeze to Bathurst. On that place, there were many places that had appealing features to engage kids. We thought you might be looking for solutions to such problems so we decided to write an article about them. This place is located in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. You are also free to do the same as we did to entertain your kids. In this article, we will discuss nineteen awesome things to do in Bathurst.

Awesome Things to Do in Bathurst with Kids

Parents who are seeking ways to provide their kids with awesome breeze experiences need to know about the place Bathurst. In this section, we have compiled a list of some awesome things to do with your kids in Bathurst.

  1. Abercrombie House Night Tour
  2. Australian Fossil & Mineral Museum
  3. Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit
  4. National Motor Racing Museum
  5. Have Ice Cream at Annies Ice-Cream Parlour
  6. Barcoos Barn Farm Stay
  7. Bathurst Adventure Playground
  8. Have Pizza At Church Bar + Woodfired Pizza
  9. Coffee At The Hub Cafe
  10. Bathurst Regional Art Gallery
  11. Dine at Webb & Co
  12. Crago Mill Emporium and Heritage Centre
  13. Attend The Bathurst Winter Festival
  14. Rydges Mount Panorama
  15. History Hill Museum
  16. Visit Abercrombie Caves
  17. Bathurst Aqua Park
  18. Bathurst Rail Museum
  19. A Picnic at Mayfield Garden

Abercrombie House Night Tour

We visited House in Abercrombie at Night, which offered us an awesome experience of the night overall. In that house, there was a roaring fire where the cold does mean nothing. There, you can also enjoy the aroma and the stories of ghosts that deliver goosebumps.

Australian Fossil & Mineral Museum

You are free to visit the Mineral Museum of Australia to witness the fossils of Australian land from a time ago. The destination will take you back to old times and tell you stories of how they lived. Moreover, the aroma of this place will cause you to think about how they spent years in old houses and made clothes.

Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit

The Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit is a 6.2 km racing track that will lead you to the mountain. As a young blood, you will be excited after seeing a racing track and following the road to the mountain.

National Motor Racing Museum

The National Motor Racing Museum is like heaven for racing enthusiasts and kids. This is situated alongside the racing circuit. There are some cars that have been victorious for years. You can admire the beauty of these cars and fantasize about them for a moment.

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Have Ice Cream at Annies Ice Cream Parlour

After wandering in the racing museum, we got tired and chose to go to the ice cream parlor for ice cream. Near the destination, there was an ice cream parlor where we bought delicious ice cream.

Barcoos Barn Farm Stay

You may get a ride in just minutes to go to the Barcoos Barn Farm Stay. This milk form allows you to stay at night with breakfast accommodation and enables you to experience how a form actually works.

Bathurst Adventure Playground

We all know how kids used to swing around the rides. Therefore, you are free to visit Adventure Park, where you can get plenty of rides for your kids. These rides will keep your kids engaged.

Have Pizza At Church Bar + Woodfired Pizza

When the sun rose, we had our breakfast and headed toward the park, and after relaxing our minds, we went to have lunch. You can go for a pizza at Chruch Bar, but you can have a woodfired pizza to fill your taste buds.

Coffee At The Hub Cafe

The Hub Cafe provides visitors with tasty coffee that will deliver them great energy. If you feel less energy during the tour, then you should visit the hub for an energetic coffee.

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

The Bathurst Regional Art Gallery is Located on Keppel St. Art galleries are one of the best ways to tell your kids about art.

Dine at Webb & Co

If you want a musical experience while eating, then you should prefer to dine at Webb & Co. The aroma and the environment will offer you and your kids an awesome experience.

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Crago Mill Emporium and Heritage Centre

The Cargo Mill is a hundred years old building that has a heritage theme, appealing to kids’ eyes. It will provide you with a variety of breakfasts in the morning with some kinds of cones and hot chocolate.

Attend The Bathurst Winter Festival

Winter is one of the kids’ favorite seasons because it contains many festivals. You are free to enjoy the winter festivals with your kids and have them experience an awesome, stress-free breeze.

Rydges Mount Panorama

Rydges Mount Panorama is one of the most exciting and comfortable winter rides to track and access hotels. You can choose a hotel according to your preferences and watch the wind waves from your balcony.

History Hill Museum

History Hill Museum is located in Hill End Historic Town and will provide you with a cinematic environment. This place will also allow you to see the of Australia before 1950.

Visit Abercrombie Caves

The Abercrombie Karst Conservation Reserve houses the magnificent Abercrombie Caves. It is a series of impressive limestone caves and one of the largest in the region.

Bathurst Aqua Park

With an array of exciting jumps, slides, and climbing frames, your little ones can explore their adventurous side while having a fun-filled day out in the sun. Further, if they need a break from all the action, they may take a dip in the lagoon to relax.

Bathurst Rail Museum

This railway museum tells us how people traditionally used to ride and travel around the city. Moreover, the place will speak to us and tell us stories about the legendary drivers who worked for hours.

A Picnic at Mayfield Garden

This is a picnic place for kids to provide you with an exceptional experience of a cool breeze. Further, you are free to make your own food and enjoy it properly.

Final Verdict

Bathurst is one of the most diverse parts of Australia, and it provides many places for parents to enjoy their kids. The above-mentioned places or adventures allow you to take your kids out on a day. In this way, you can help yourself to take your kids out for a cool breeze. Hopefully, we will meet another time to discuss another place to visit.

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