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Fear of Flying? Guide for Conquering Your Travel Anxieties

Fear of Flying? Guide for Conquering Your Travel Anxieties

Last night, my wife and I were discussing our travel anxieties and fear of flying for the first time experience. “I was really scared about that time,” she said. The question is, if she and I were both scared, how would we manage to conquer our travel anxieties? Further, there is only one answer to all questions. We have tried some methods to do so, and they worked. Therefore, we have decided to share these strategies with you all to help you kill your travel anxieties. In this article, we will tell you about killing the fear of flight and a guide for conquering your travel anxieties.

The Fear of Flying

The fear of flying not only includes fear of heights but people also concerns about the safety of their luggage. However, the roots of fear in each and every individual are different, and somehow, people have just a fear of thinking. They have to identify their odds to make things really work and fight back against their fear and their travel anxieties. By doing so, they will be able to experience their travel in a more enjoyable manner.

Guide for Conquering Travel Anxieties and Fear of Flying

Individuals who are willing to conquer their travel anxieties and the fear of flying need to know some facts about fear. This is why we have compiled a comprehensive guide on such topics to encourage their traveling enthusiasm. In this section, you will get to know the complete guide that will change your life and make it better.

  • Identify the Roots of Your Fear
  • Bust the Myth of Turbulence
  • Learn About the Safety Features of the Plane
  • Don’t Get a Window Seat If You Have Height Fear
  • Take Along With You a Distraction
  • Breathe, Breathe, and Breathe
  • Make Friends on the Flight

Identify the Roots of Your Fear

The roots of fears are rooted in our brains, which continuously eat our interests and don’t let us enjoy ourselves. The responsibility is on us to identify those roots, pluck them away, and enjoy our lives. No matter whether they are related to your academic career or professional life, when you identify them, you will pluck them away. We suggest you sit alone when you feel fear and think about things that make you uncomfortable, then recognize them wisely to feel free to interact with them anytime.

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Bust the Myth of Turbulence

Turbulence is the shaking ability of an airplane, according to some individuals. It can be caused by atmospheric pressure, atmosphere temperature, and air pressure around the mountains that make the plane turbulent. The chances of plane turbulence are about 5% out of 100%, and it rarely happens, so feel comfortable. Moreover, you are free to search for information about turbulence and make sure that this feels like a myth. By doing so, you will be able to experience your flight in an enjoyable way without the worry of turbulence.

Learn About the Safety Features of the Plane

Whether you are flying in business class or economy class, the plane is concerned about your safety. Plane management ensures the safety of their travelers by some rules that only be implemented in an emergency. So, if you are still worried about your safety, then you should read about the safety features of your booked flight. This approach will enable you to feel safe because you will know that someone is concerned about your safety.

Don’t Get a Window Seat If You Have Height Fear

If you have acrophobia, then you shouldn’t get a window seat. The reason behind this is that when you see through the window, you feel anxious. Further, anxiety gives birth to the real monster, fear, that will ruin your whole experience of flying. No matter if you trigger when you park yourself on a window seat, you shouldn’t sit beside the window. Just imagine you are not in a plane but sitting in your drawing room watching your favourite drama serial.

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Take Along With You a Distraction

It is obvious that flying and imagining at the same time is not easy. Therefore, you should take along with you a distraction, such as a book or tablet to play games. Books will keep you diving down into the realm of literature to make your mind out of this world. Moreover, you can bring your tablet to keep yourself busy in the gaming realm and feel stress-free.

Breathe, Breathe, and Breathe

If distractions are not working enough to make you stress-free, then you should practice breathing exercises to make yourself calm. Firstly, you need to sit calmly and practice the process of inspiration slowly, which will make you feel stress-free. You should try the abdominal breathing skill to effectively fight against your fear of flying and experience travel. The process of deep diaphragmatic breathing will also help you calm down and provide you with the strength to fight against fears.

Make Friends on the Flight

The last option you will have if no other options work out for you is to make friends on the flight. Making friends while onboard will make you comfortable if you are not an introvert because they will share information about themselves to engage you. Further, when minds listen to information, then they will forget everything else and help you fight against your fears. By doing so, you will get both benefits, like making new friends and conquering your fear of flying.

Final Verdict

Fear of flying is not a joke because a century ago, humans made planes to fly like birds. Unfortunately, he never tries to learn how to overcome his fears to enjoy his flight. But yes, there are several facts that prove that fear is just intrusive thoughts, and we let them cover us. In order to enjoy our flights, we have to be conscious and don’t let our intrusive thoughts win. In the above section, we have mentioned some beneficial practices to conquer your fear of flying and your travel anxieties.

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