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Places in Leicester

Best Places in Leicester to Visit During Vacation

The last days of summer vacation were running, and we had not yet decided where to go for enjoyment. Suddenly, my wife suggested Leicester because of its cold and calm weather. We made plans about how to go, what to pack, and what we will explore. We searched for some of the best places in Leicester to visit during vacations, and we got some amazing recommendations. Further, the places were amazing and enjoyable for better entertainment purposes and time-passing ideas. In this article, we will tell you about some of the best places in Leicester to visit during vacations.

Tourist Attractions in Leicester to Visit During Vacation

Tourists who are passionately willing to make a trip abroad to Leicester need to know some attractive places to visit. Below are some of the best places in Leicester to visit during vacations:

  • The Space Centre
  • Golden Mile
  • King Power Stadium
  • Leicester Cathedral
  • King Richard III Visitors Centre
  • Grand Union Canal
  • Bradgate Park
  • Leicester Market
  • New Walk Area
  • Phoenix Cinema
  • Abbey Park

The Space Centre

Established in 2001, the National Space Centre stands as a beacon of wonder and education, offering visitors a captivating journey through the cosmos. Bursting with rockets, exhibitions, and galleries and boasting the UK’s largest planetarium, this unique venue is a testament to human ingenuity and exploration. Notably, it is the sole global museum to showcase upright space rockets indoors, adding to its allure and uniqueness.

Golden Mile

Leicester’s reputation as a hotspot for Indian cuisine and shopping is indisputable, boasting a plethora of establishments offering authentic food, spices, clothing, and more along the famed Golden Mile. A mere ten-minute stroll from the city center on Belgrave Road, which seamlessly transitions into Melton Road, leads you straight to the vibrant heart of Leicester’s Asian community.

King Power Stadium

While the stadium might not offer an abundance of activities outside of game days, for enthusiasts, it stands as an essential pilgrimage. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the grounds, embark on guided tours, capture memorable photos, peruse the gift shop, and immerse themselves in the electric atmosphere reminiscent of the Premier League triumphs experienced by fans and players alike.

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Leicester Cathedral

Richard III undeniably holds a significant place in Leicester’s history, with the cathedral serving as a remarkable testament to this legacy, conveniently situated near the town center. Exploring his burial site is a brief yet enriching experience, complemented by the nearby visitor center, which abounds with a wealth of captivating educational resources delving into the life of the King and the intriguing quest for his remains.

King Richard III Visitors Centre

Renowned as the site of King Richard III’s death during the Battle of Bosworth, the town became prominent in 2012 with the sudden discovery of the King’s remains below a car park. Situated in the historical antique city, the meticulously renovated Alderman Newton’s School construction now serves the esteemed King Richard III Visitors Centre.

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Grand Union Canal

The hustle and bustle of Leicester Center is undeniable, and a leisurely stroll along the canal offers a refreshing escape from the urban hustle. Venture in either direction and you’ll soon discover yourself immersed in diverse landscapes and attractions. Whether it’s the awe-inspiring National Space Centre, the serene Abbey Park, or the tranquil Aylestone Meadows nature reserve, there’s no shortage of captivating destinations awaiting exploration.

Bradgate Park

The park stands as an exceptional venue where visitors can witness free-ranging red and fallow deer herds thriving in their natural habitat. As one explores the park’s trails, the historic ruins of Bradgate House, once the childhood residence of Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England for a brief nine-day period, grace the landscape. Additionally, the imposing Old John’s Tower, a striking eighteenth-century landmark, offers a commanding presence atop the park’s highest point, inviting all to explore its storied history free of charge.

Leicester Market

For the ultimate Leicester enjoyment, there may be no better way than to meander by the bustling marketplace on a Saturday afternoon. With a staggering 270 stalls supplying a wide array of fruits, clothes, vegetables,  and numerous different products, the market ensures you’ll find the whole you may probably need. Moreover, it is not just about shopping; the marketplace exudes a vibrant environment that’s best for immersing yourself in Leicester’s unique vibes.

New Walk Area

The walk down the path is indeed pleasant, yet it’s imperative to explore the museum, a gem that comes at no cost and houses captivating Ancient Egyptian and dinosaur exhibits, alongside hosting regular events. Upon reaching its conclusion, you’ll find yourself at Victoria Park, affectionately known as Vicky locally, offering ample opportunities for leisurely strolls, contemplation at war memorials, and an exciting glimpse into the renowned Caribbean Carnival, held annually on the first Saturday of August.

Phoenix Cinema

Phoenix Cinema is unequivocally distinguished by its unwavering commitment to showcasing indie and foreign-language films, as well as supporting emerging filmmakers. While it does include a selection of blockbusters in its program, it is this steadfast dedication that truly sets Phoenix apart as an indispensable venue for cinephiles. Additionally, the team goes the extra mile by offering short courses tailored for film enthusiasts, further solidifying its significance in the cinematic landscape.

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Abbey Park

The park offers an ideal summer retreat, catering to both family outings and solitary escapes. Whether you’re seeking active recreation, relaxation, or simply indulging in a refreshing ice cream, it provides the perfect setting. Moreover, even in the colder months, the park remains a compelling destination, hosting annual fireworks displays and a variety of engaging events, ensuring year-round enjoyment for all.

Final Thoughts

Leicester has become a hub where visitors come to spend their summer vacation in an efficient way. When we decided to visit this ultimate hub for spending our summer vacation, we searched for amazing places to explore. The above-mentioned places are those which we have explored during our summer tour and we enjoyed it well. Further, it is suggested that you should visit these places to spend your vacation as we did.

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