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8 Best Waterfalls Near Ubud Bali

Many of the nicest waterfalls near Ubud can be found in places like Gianyar and Bangli, which are close by in Bali, Indonesia. Even though they’re a bit outside Ubud, you can still get to most of these waterfalls in less than 30 minutes from the center of Ubud. Most people visit there to spend vacations and days free from the daily busy routine life. They’re a calm and peaceful place where you can listen to the sound of flowing water and enjoy the untouched wilderness. In this guide, we provide detailed information about waterfalls near Ubud. 

Best Waterfalls Near Ubud

The waterfalls near the Ubud are the most enchanting places that captivate the heart of the tourist. There are many beautiful waterfalls where travel enthusiasts can enjoy the calm weather and try to do many outdoor activities. In the undersection, we have listed the best waterfalls that provide stunning views and unique journey experiences. 

Suwat waterfalls

Suwat waterfalls

Suwat Waterfall is a special place hidden in Bali’s nature. It’s like a calm and peaceful spot if you want a break from the busy streets of Ubud. Not many tourists know about it, so it’s a quiet and relaxing place. To get there, you’ll go through pretty villages and lots of green plants. When you arrive, you’ll see clear water falling down the rocky hills, which looks really cool. The waterfall is surrounded by lush green forests where you can witness and biodiversity. You can enjoy the cool weather and swim in the clear and fresh water for a unique experience.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tehenungan waterfall is just a short distance from Ubud’s cultural center, you can find this amazing waterfall easily to get to and really natural.

As you get closer to Tegenungan Waterfall, you’ll hear the sound of water getting louder. It’s like nature’s big show is about to start. The water falls from high up, and it looks really cool. It’s like a calming and exciting sight at the same time. The waterfall is surrounded by lots of green plants, making it feel peaceful. It makes you want to come closer and enjoy its magical feeling.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is not just about looking at pretty things but also about exploring places you can’t usually see. If you like adventures, you can walk through the shallow water and rocks inside the cave. While you’re in the cool water and find secret spots in the cave, you’ll feel like you’re discovering something new. It’s like you’re getting close to the untouched beauty of Bali’s nature.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is both exciting and peaceful. There’s a pool under the waterfall where you can put your feet or go for a swim. It’s like a nice break from the hot weather.

Goa Rang Reng Waterfall

Goa Rang Reng Waterfall

Goa Rang Reng is a special waterfall near Ubud that not many people know about. It is a bit difficult path to reach there, and it is also an adventurous journey. When you reach Goa Rang Reng, you’ll see something really amazing. There’s a waterfall with many levels that fall down, surrounded by tall trees and colorful plants. It’s like a calm and special atmosphere that makes you want to relax and enjoy the peacefulness around you.

It is the best spot for adventurous people as the waterfall has beautiful greenery with calm weather. You can swim in the natural water and enjoy hiking near the waterfall. It is also best for photography as there are stunning views that leave an awe impression on tourists. 

Nungnung Waterfall

Nungnung Waterfall shows how powerful nature can be. The water falls from really high up, and it looks amazing and makes you feel amazed and small. When the water hits the rocks at the bottom, it makes a mist that cools the air and makes everything feel nice and fresh.

Nungnung Waterfall is not only about what you see. The sound of the water, the mist in the air, and all the green plants around make it a special experience for your senses. 

Leke Leke Waterfall

Leke Leke Waterfall is a calm and quiet place hidden in the pretty nature close to Ubud. There are lots of levels and clean pools in the waterfall. This special find lets you enjoy a really happy time in the untouched beauty of Bali’s nature.  

It has many levels, and the water falls down into clean pools that you’d want to swim in. The water flows gently over moss-covered rocks, making a really pretty sight. The natural pool of fresh water captivates travelers to enjoy and feels nature. It’s a place where you want to stop, think, and enjoy the time. 

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Kanto Lampo Waterfall is a nice place to go when you want a break in Bali’s beautiful nature. It’s a pretty waterfall close to Ubud that invites people with its lovely levels of falling water and peaceful feeling.

A cool thing about Kanto Lampo is its special pool that the falling water makes. It’s like a pool that goes on forever. You can get in and enjoy the cold water while looking at all the green plants around. It’s a great spot to take really nice pictures for Instagram and remember your visit.

Gitgit Waterfall

Deep inside Bali’s thick forests, you can find Gitgit Waterfall. It’s like two waterfalls next to each other, and they show how amazing nature is. Gitgit Waterfall is close to a nice village called Gitgit, and it’s really famous. People who love exploring and nature are drawn to this beautiful sight.

There are lots of colorful plants, and you can hear birds singing. The jungle around the waterfall makes it even more special. It’s like nature mixing together to make Bali’s wild beauty. You can hear water flowing and leaves moving, which makes you feel really good inside.


Ubud waterfalls are the most beautiful lakes with natural beauty and clear, cool water. Many travel enthusiasts visit there to enjoy the calm weather of the lakes. Waterfalls provide the real beauty of nature and the opportunity to explore the culture of Bali. There are many hiking trails for sports enthusiasts to try outdoor activities. You can reach the waterfalls easily by local buses or taxis. The paths are difficult, but you can explore the lakes easily with local guides and proper preparation.

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