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Mirpur Azad Kashmir – Mini England

Mirpur Azad Kashmir is a part of Pakistan. It has beautiful places to visit for the tourists. It is located in Azad Kashmir. Mirpur Azad Kashmir was earlier known as the old Mirpur city of Azad Kashmir. Mirpur is famous for its beautiful lakes, mountains, and waterfalls.

The infrastructure and lifestyle of the people living in Mirpur are totally different from other areas of Pakistan like Murree, Hunza, etc. The education system in Mirpur is far better than in other areas of Pakistan. In addition, Mirpur’s literacy rate is almost 100%. Mirpur plays an important role in Azad Kashmir’s economy, contributing significantly to its economic output, gross domestic product, tax, and other revenues.

Mirpur Azad Kashmir – An Introduction

Mirpur is known as “Little England” due to the thousands of people that migrated to United Kingdom during the 1950s and 1960s. In fact, it has been estimated that over 90% of British Pakistanis are from Mirpur. Today, people from Mirpur are found across Britain now

It was once known for its picturesque beauty and hills covered with beautiful cottages but now it has become a concrete jungle since most people have started construction of multi-storied buildings on green hills in search of more land to build more flats and housing schemes for their personal use or to sell them off at exorbitant prices and earn profit.

Mirpur is located at 33°2’0N 73°56’60E at an altitude of 609 meters (1,998 feet) above sea level. It is 10 miles southeast of Mangla Dam, about 17.4 miles from Jhelum,

Here are mentioned below:

Old Mirpur

A lot of memories with old Mirpur because our grandfathers and their fathers have had a lot of sacrifices for Mangla dam now the old Mirpur is underwater of Mangla dam, but whenever water comes down, these all beautiful places comes again and shines. if you are planning to visit Mirpur Azad Kashmir you must go there and see the beauty of Mirpur.

Khari Sharif Darbar 

(Darbar Sharif Hazrat Pir Shah Ghazi R.A.), Darbaar, 9km south of Mirpur on Chechiyan Rd, is a place of religious importance. This place is well known due to the shrines of Sufi Baba Peer-e-Shah Ghazi and Mian Mohammad Buksh.

Mangla Fort

(take Mangla/Mirpur Rd about 11 km west, then turn north onto Powerhouse Rd (restricted access point).). M-Sa 9 AM-5 PM, closed Su. Reportedly you need special permission from the Pak Army or Mangla Special Authority to visit, it consists of a historic Gakkar fort and one-room museum, a monument to Pres Sharif, and an overlook of Mangla Dam Lake. Nearby are the massive dam (the 6th largest in the world) and bridge connecting Punjab Province to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir with a sign denoting such and where Alexander the Great is claimed to have crossed the Jhelum River. Might make for an interesting photo-op if it doesn’t draw attention from the police/military.

Ramkot Fort

 Fort was built over the site of an old Hindu temple. River Jhelum (Mangla Lake) surrounds three sides of this hilltop. During excavations relics of the 5th – 9th century AD have been discovered. It is on the opposite side of the lake from Mirpur. A 10-minute trip by road from Mirpur leads to Sukhian and nearby Mangla View Resort/Army Water Sports Club from where boats are available to access Ramkot Fort. It takes 45 minutes to reach there.

Baghsar Lake and Fort 

(the last portion probably will require a motorbike or else hiking). A picturesque lake in the Samahni Valley is often inhabited by migratory fowl and lilies. With an old Mughal fort from the mid-18th Century overlooking it. It is said that Emperor Jahangir fell ill on his way back from the Kashmir Valley and died here. But this area is supposedly closed due to its proximity to the Line of Control.

Asifa Bhutto Park

Bhutto Park Rd (on the western edge of town). If you want some downtime by the lake or some views of the dam, this is a good place for kids and outings for families and friends.

Jari Kas Park

Kotli Rd, Khalaqabad (east of Mirpur by a few kilometers). Amusement center with boat and kiddie rides, though the safety of some might be questionable. Also views of the lake.

Acacia garden

A very beautiful place developed in Mirpur and surrounding areas for families to have a good and quality time. Along with witnessing the beauty of Mirpur Azad Kashmir.

Final Words

Mirpur Azad Kashmir is the best place to visit. There are a lot of beautiful places to see there. It’s better than other places. So, do try to visit there, you will really be very happy and get a good time going there with your family and friends.

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