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Disney Travel Agents – All You Need to Know

Disney travel agents are specialized and have a degree in Disney vacation planning and extensive knowledge of theme parks, hotels, Disney lands, and transportation. The agents make it easy for the tourist to save money and enjoy the vacation with a complete guide. If you are planning a Disney tour for the first time and are worried about prices and another itinerary, this is where Disney agents come in handy. College of Knowledge offers the DTA free courses to become a Disney Walt agent. In this guide, we will discuss Disney Travel Agents. 

Disney Travel Agents – Introduction

Disney travel agents differ from other travel agents in that they are independent travel planners who create complete itineraries for tourists. They sell the destinations of Disney’s through contracts and earn a commission. Most of the travel agencies and host agencies make contracts with Disney Walt and they get discounts for tourists and themselves on booking. Disney offers free online courses for independents to become Disney vacation specialists. 

What are the Advantages of Disney Travel Agents?

Have you experienced free stays in Disney Walt hotels, visits to theme parks, and Disney World without spending money? It might sound interesting, but Disney travel agents get benefits from these. Beyond all these benefits, they have access to exclusive places in Disney World and their clients can also visit if they book through a Disney travel agent. In the digital era, it is easier now for people to book and plan all the tours through mobile or laptop and reduce the stress of journeys and missing interesting places. 

Here are some other advantages for Disney special agents:

Online Booking and Planning

As technology gained popularity and provides ease for everyone in the world. Same as travel agents can benefit from technology and work from home for their clients. Disney Walt allows independents to contract as independents and book online for clients and earn a commission.

Earns Commission

Disney travel agents not only plan vacations and free stays in Disney World but also earn commissions on each of their bookings. When clients book tours and Disney hotel stays with travel agents they will be paid a massive commission from Disney Walt. How much an agent can earn depends on their hard work and finding clients to get more commission on booking and selling Disney destinations. 

Earns Commission

Free Tours

Disney travel agents have the opportunity to travel to Disney World, theme parks, resorts, and other attractions. This can be FAMS or training trips to be familiarized with destinations and places. As you have more clients and progress and you become eligible for free tours you will have special discounts. 

Free Training

Beginners who have just joined Disney travel agents as an independent or through any agency can have access to a college of knowledge. The college offers a program to teach you how to sell Disney destinations. Most training programs are organized through agencies and Disney collaborations to familiarize with destinations and how to handle clients. 

Make New Friends

Being a Disney travel agent, you can create tour itineraries for your clients and have quality conversations with them. It is more likely if you provide a great service to them they may attach to you. When you help them on a Disney cruise and fulfill their dreams you can make friends and loyal clients. 

What are services do Disney Travel Agents Provide

Disney travel agents provide various services to clients who aim to visit Disney cruises. 

Here are mentioned some services by Disney travel planners:

Itinerary Planning

Visiting Disney Walt Disney is a little bit difficult because if you are not aware of destinations and other attractions, you may miss your favourite place. Disney travel agents help you plan your travel itinerary. They plan the whole journey according to the client’s preferences. Travel planning can include park visits, dining reservations, and special Disney cruises. 

Booking Accommodations

Disney travel agents also help clients book accommodations for a stay while visiting Disney cruises. They have extensive knowledge about hotels and resorts, especially those affiliated with Disney Walt Disney. Various hotels offer discounts for Disney planners and clients who book hotels through Disney agents.

Ticket Purchases

Disney Walt has different cruises for kids and families with different ticket prices. Disney travel agents know the prices according to the activities and also can provide discounts on certain activities. So they will make it easy for the clients to reduce the stress of tickets. 

Dining Reservations

Disney Walt is the most popular place and it remains crowded most of the days of the month. Due to the rush, dining at a popular restaurant can be hard. Disney travel agents help clients secure dining at their favourite restaurants and enjoy the journey with kids and family. 

How to Become a Disney Travel Agent

How to become a Disney travel agent is a widely asked question. Disney Walt allows individuals to become Disney planners to handle clients and earn money through commission. However, you must be eligible for the requirement of Disney Walt. you have to join a training program at the College of Knowledge to specialize in Disney vacations. 

Below are some guidelines for becoming a Disney travel agent:

Choose an Agency or Independent

If you want to become a Disney travel agent then you have two options choose an agency to work with them or join independently. Some of the agencies offer programs to train new people about Disney and how to handle clients. If want to do it independently you have to join the College of Knowledge for the training program.

Disney Travel Agents’ official website has two options for new agents:

  • Already Register: if you are already a travel agent then you can create an account and complete the training program of the College of Knowledge. Learn about Disney destinations through online classes.
  • First time here: if you are not a travel agent then you must join for certifications and then register for Disney travel agents. Now, you can operate individually as a dictionary travel planner or join any travel agency to work with them. 

Meet Requirements

It is important to keep in mind the requirements of Disney Walt to become a travel agent and advisor. You must familiarize yourself with destinations and places of Disney such as Disney Cruise Land, Disney Land, Disney World, and Disney resorts. You should also be familiar with studios, beaches, and other attractions in case clients want to visit you can assist. 

Build Online Presence

Social media is a powerful way to attract people through your portfolio skills. To become a successful Disney travel agent you must have a social media presence like a blog, Facebook, and Instagram. 


Disney travel agents are specialized advisors for tourists who help book tours, accommodations, and Disney cruises. Disney Walt allows travel agencies and individuals to join as Disney travel planners and advisors through the training program at the College of Knowledge. Travel planners of Disney provide many benefits as they make it easy to create a tour itinerary about Disneyland. To become a Disney travel agent you must meet the requirements such as knowledge of Disney destinations, cruises, spa, and restaurants. You have to complete the training program at the College of Knowledge, and then you can operate as a Disney travel advisor. 

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