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Museums in Sydney
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Best Museums in Sydney You Need to Visit

It was a lovely day on November 11, and my wife proposed to me to explore Sydney’s museums. However, she was not a great fond of ancient traditions, but she resisted me to do so with her. At last, we agreed on the idea of exploring the best museums in Sydney. We packed our travel essentials, and secondly, we conducted thorough research about museums in Sydney, and we started planning. In this article, we will tell you about the best museums in Sydney you must visit once in your lifetime.

The Best Museums in Sydney You Must Visit

Individuals who are willing to explore old traditions and living styles of humans should visit Sydney’s museums. In this section, we have prepared a list of the best museums in Sydney that you must visit once.

  • Chau Chak Wing Museum
  • Powerhouse Ultimo
  • Australian Museum
  • Australian National Maritime Museum
  • Hyde Park Barracks Museum
  • Museum of Sydney
  • Justice & Police Museum
  • Sydney Jewish Museum
  • Elizabeth Farm
  • Old Government House

Chau Chak Wing Museum

Firstly, we have decided to add Chau Chak Wing Museum to our list of the best museums in Sydney. The reason behind this is art, science, and ancient history collection at the same place. One of the oldest items this place has is 150 years old, and it also has advanced items. Further, this museum has three valuable collections of vaults from the Sydney University, including three mummies of Egypt.

Powerhouse Ultimo

This museum is a hub of science, design, innovation, and culture. It features interactive exhibits for young inventors and enthusiasts, as well as exciting fashion, design, and pop-culture displays. Additionally, it has a small vintage cinema to provide visitors with entertainment. If you are looking for a fun and educational day out, the Powerhouse Museum is an excellent option. In 2020, the future of this location was uncertain, but now the plan to change its location is cancelled.

Australian Museum

Discover Australia’s deadliest creatures, such as funnel webs, king browns, redbacks, and salties, at the country’s oldest museum, where they are either preserved or stuffed behind glass chambers. The museum also houses prehistoric terrors and creatures from around the world. Laugh in the face of mortality and scare your relatives off the sofa bed and onto the next flight home. Further, you are even free to marvel at the wonders of natural history in this place for fun and learning.

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Australian National Maritime Museum

Sydney has a special connection to the water, from the stunning harbor and beaches to the beloved movie “Finding Nemo.” If you’re interested in submarines and have always wanted to experience your “Hunt for Red October,” don’t miss the Maritime Museum and the chance to climb aboard. Moreover, if you’re looking for activities to keep the kids entertained during school holidays, there are various options available.

Hyde Park Barracks Museum

This place has an interesting history, having been home to convicts, law courts, a vaccine institute, and a government printer. Moreover, you can learn about the people who built this city and even hear their footsteps echoing down the halls. If you’re around after dark, be sure to check out the funky events program that includes live performances and bars at squares.

Museum of Sydney

The Museum of Sydney is one of the ancient and precisely preserved museums that offer ancient time rides to visitors. It is situated on the exact spot where Australia’s first Government House was built in the central business district (CBD). Furthermore, it is full of information about the past, present, and future of the city in front of visitors. You are free to enjoy entertainment shows like poetry, music, and storylines to entertain yourself.

Justice & Police Museum

The Justice and Police Museum has something for you all if you want to delve into ancient times. If you want to know what happened to criminals of old times when they committed crimes, then visit this destination. This place has many untold stories of criminals and rapscallions `sentences that they got in return of their deeds. Winding stairways and spiked gates will lead you to pokey cells, weapons, murderous mug-shots that will make your stomach turned.

Sydney Jewish Museum

The Sydney Jewish Museum utilizes the approach of the holocaust to discover the rights of humans. You will love its architecture because of its appealing structure and the in-person communication with holocaust survivors is heart-melting. Further, these conversations with AI-driven technology will not be forgotten by anyone because of its attachment abilities.

Elizabeth Farm

The property is known for its shady verandas and stone-flagged floors, which served as the inspiration for the Australian homestead. It is also the oldest surviving European building in Australia, with some parts dating back to 1793. The interior and gardens have been restored to their 1830s condition, and Sydney Living Museums manage the farm. It is unique in that visitors are allowed to access all areas, and children are welcome to sit on beds. Moreover, they can play the grand piano, help out in the farm kitchen, and enjoy themselves as well.

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Old Government House

Lastly, we have chosen the Old Government House to add to our list of the best museums in Sydney. It has a variety of important collections of different items from 1799 to 1818 that’ll get you back in time. This is located in Sydney as the heritage-listed building and the oldest monument that was built by convicts. Further, it has the most important colonial furniture, early homewares, and textiles from the colonial early governors.

Final Thoughts

Sydney has become a land of natural museums with a diversity of museums. We planned to explore some amazing museums in Sydney and did it and experienced the whole tour immersively. The above-mentioned museums are some of the best museums in Sydney that you must visit once in your lifetime. Further, these places will provide you with an immersive experience of your tour and get you back to old times. You should visit these places once in your life to know how things should be preserved and shown publicly.

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