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The Pros and Cons of Vacationing in the Off-Season

If you want to save money on airfare, you may search the internet for money-saving travel tips. One tip you will find involves vacationing in the off-season. Apparently, it saves most travelers hundreds of dollars, just on airfare alone. As great as this sounds, is vacationing in the off-season right for you? To determine if so, examine the pros and cons of off-season vacationing.

The Pros of Vacationing in the Off-Season

You pay less for airfare. The greatest benefit of vacationing in the off-season is the cheap airfare. Why is it cheaper to fly in the off-season? It has to do with popularity and filled flights. Airlines lose money whenever there are empty seats on a plane. They want to fill those seats, so they offer discounts. As for popularity, most vacation destinations have tourist seasons and off-seasons. Colorado’s tourist season height is winter, as it is a ski state. Due to popularity, airlines have no problems filling flights in the height of tourist season, but they do in the off-season. That is why you are more likely to find deals and discounts.

You get better deals on hotels and resorts. The possibility to save one hundred or more on airfare is enough for some tourists to hold off on making their travel plans, but what if you could also save on your hotel or resort? It is possible when you vacation in the off-season. Hotels and resorts offer off-season deals and discounts for the same reasons the airlines do; they lose money each time a room is empty. Filling these rooms in the off-season is harder, so the discounts are more frequent and valuable. Calculating the money saved on airfare and your hotel could save thousands of dollars on an extended trip.

There are fewer tourists to deal with. Do you want to relax on the beaches of Miami, Florida in the middle of July? If so, you are not alone. Luckily, those same beaches are beautiful in late spring and early fall. If you wait until then to travel, you will find fewer tourists. Whether you want to travel to relax or have the adventure of a lifetime, you don’t want to be one in a crowd of thousands. Overcrowded hotels, beaches, and restaurants are one of the quickest ways to ruin an otherwise good vacation. By vacationing in the off-season, you still gain access to great activities and attractions.The Pros and Cons of Vacationing in the Off-Season

The Cons of Vacationing in the Off-Season

You may not have the freedom to decide. If you are traveling for a vacation, you can try to work with your employer to negotiate your vacation time. However, if you are traveling to spend time with friends and family back home or to attend a special event, such as a wedding, your hands are tied. Although it is easy to save money by traveling in the off-season, not everyone has the luxury to dictate their travel dates.

The discount may not be that good. You will save money by vacationing in the off-season. This is all but guaranteed. However, the amount you save will vary. It depends on where you travel, which airline you fly, and your destination. If waiting until late fall to visit the beaches of Miami only saves you $50, is it really worth the hassle? Not likely.

The weather may hamper your vacation. There is a reason why popular vacation destinations have off-seasons. That reason is the weather. New York City is a popular vacation destination, but no one wants to visit when it is covered in snow and ice. Not many people want to visit Colorado in the summertime, as there is no snow to ski on. In this aspect, the weather can impact your available vacation activities. If you have your heart set on skiing the beautiful mountains of Colorado, don’t wait until the off-season. You will get your trip and save money, but it will be nothing like you dreamed of.

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