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International Etiquette Tips for Travellers
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International Etiquette Tips for Travellers

Etiquettes are the main differences between a cultured and a non-cultured man, providing a sense of living in this society. Further, they are an important part of our daily life routine to make it better than yesterday. You can greet someone, ask for help, or say thanks to make their day and make them feel worthy. John Mathew and I were debating on the importance of international etiquette to make the journey more respectful and enjoyable. We decided that you should also know some etiquette to enjoy your journey by respecting others. In this article, we will tell you about some international etiquette tips to respect the local society.

International Etiquette Tips You Should Know

The majority of travellers have acknowledged international etiquette because they regularly travel abroad, but those who are willing to do so need to know some etiquette tips. Therefore, we have compiled a list of international etiquette:

  • Keep Greetings Formal
  • Be Respectful
  • Avoid Being Affectionate
  • Don’t Eat Food With Your Left Hand
  • Forget The Thumbs-Up Sign
  • Avoid Eating When Visiting Italian Churches And Monuments
  • Burp During Dinner
  • Refrain From Tipping
  • Try Your French In France
  • Avert Your Gaze
  • Cover Your Mouth When Yawning
  • Don’t Show Off

Keep Greetings Formal

If you are a travel nomad and willing to visit Peru and know nothing about their culture and traditions. This is essential for you to keep greetings formal in Peru to get respect in return. Further, you can shake hands with them after meeting them, saying hello, or before leaving the place, saying bye.

Be Respectful

When it comes to the respect of the locals, never compromise on something. You should be mindful during the tour of Nepal and should be respectful to the locals. Moreover, keep your slippers or sneakers outside of the temples or any worship place because they are sacred places for the locals.

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Avoid Being Affectionate

You need to know that etiquette varies along with various cultures of the world. If you are in Egypt or any other Islamic country, you need to avoid public displays of affection. In addition, when you are with your loved ones or wife, you shouldn’t be over romantic to not offend the locals.

Don’t Eat Food With Your Left Hand

When you are in your country, you must remember not to eat food with your left hand. However, when you are on a tour abroad, you can’t stop trying local cuisine, and if you try eating with your left hand, you may offend the locals. This is why it is essential to avoid eating with your left hand.

Forget The Thumbs-Up Sign

Waving your hand up in the air and showing a thumbs-up sign means everything is good. However, it is completely opposite to the thumbs-up sign in Turkey. In Turkey, it is considered completely rude and harsh and it is best to avoid this sign in this country. Further, you shouldn’t sign OK with your thumb because it is considered an insulting gesture.

Avoid Eating When Visiting Churches And Monuments

You shouldn’t eat near Churches and monuments to not offend locals by acting upon this childish act. The reason the locals do not eat, drink, or smoke near their historical monuments because it is against the law. Moreover, you must avoid bringing food inside a worshiping place and never try to sip from a water bottle.

Burp During Dinner

Burp is considered a rude noise in the United Kingdom, and no one will feel pleasant if you burp. However, in China, you can burp as much as you want because they consider it as a sign of satisfying eating. It is why, you should be careful when eating in the UK because a little burp sound can make you fall into real trouble.

Refrain From Tipping

Waiters wish for a tip and don’t consider you a good person if you don’t leave a tip. But in Japan, you should leave a tip for your waiter because it is considered a shameful act. This practice can embarrass your waiter, whether the service is good or bad.

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Try Your French In France

Don’t try to speak English with your French friends abroad because they wouldn’t like to speak English. You should speak to them in their language; however, if it’s just merci or bonjour, this encourages a welcoming sense. They will be happy to find someone they can trust with themselves; therefore, try to speak French with the locals in France.

Avert Your Gaze

You are recommended not to look into someone’s eyes while talking to him in Mexico. Mexicans consider this act as a rude gesture of anyone who tries to look into their eyes. Further, you need to stand at a distance from the person to leave a path for anyone to leave slightly.

Cover Your Mouth When Yawning

Sometimes, you may get bored on the tour to South Africa, so be aware of yawning. Many countries feel OK when you yawn without covering your mouth, but not in South Africa. Here, you need to cover your mouth when yawning so as not to offend the locals while talking to them. By doing so, you will be able not to offend someone’s feelings and cultural etiquette.

Don’t Show Off

The Jante Law is a set of principles rooted in Norwegian culture that prohibits one from acting superior or smarter. If you find yourself at a bar, café, or restaurant, it is advisable to be polite and simply round up the bill without leaving an additional tip, as that could be seen as showing off.

Final Verdict

Travel nomads need to know about some international etiquette tips to keep enjoying their trips. Further, by addressing the etiquette issues, they can enjoy their travel more effectively and explore destinations with their full potential. Every country has a different culture and cultural norms that you may know about not to offend the locals. In this way, you are free to explore the whole destination without having any trouble with the locals.

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