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Taking the Train Across South Asia
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Taking the Train Across South Asia – Ultimate Guide

The journey on a train in South Asia enhances the voyage experience, and you can see the most beautiful scenery across the track. Most people avoid the journey by train in Asia, whether it is time cost or full of tiredness. But if you want to explore the culture, beauty and sceneries of the continent, it is a must to have a once train journey. Before taking the train, consider some things in Asia for a more reliable journey. In this article, we will discuss how to take a train in South Asia for your trip. 

How to Take a Train in South Asia?

The train journey in Asia is a popular way to explore the culture of the country you travel to, whether for a trip or a business purpose. You can travel from one city to another by train on a cheap budget. The journey will experience you to people across the country bringing their food and large luggage. There are things to remember when taking a train in any country. This is because the train system in Asia is preferable but not the proper as buses or flights. 

Things to Consider While Taking a Train in South Asia:

There are numerous things to consider while taking a train in South Asia as these things will provide ease and a mind-relaxing journey. Here are briefly below:

Mark Destination First:

It is necessary to mark the location where you are going or want to travel.  Deciding the destination will allow you to pick a train according to your route or time. When you have a clear idea, you can check the train schedules to have peace of mind that you will reach a destination without any hurdles. 

Book Tickets in Advance:

People in South Asia travel by train because it is cheaper than any other local service. Due to the rush, you may have any issues or miss a train, so booking your tickets in advance is better to eliminate the curries during this. Must search about it first and try to book as early as you can before travel.  

Be Prepared for Delays:

The train schedule worldwide is not proper, especially in Asia is a common thing. So remember that the train may arrive late to the platform or be delayed for minutes or hours. Passengers should be remembered for the delays and unpredictable times of the train. It is only Sometimes the train may be late, so you should arrive at the station half an hour ago.

Pack Light:

Most people pack a piece of large luggage along them while traveling on the train and can bear problems. The space in the train for the luggage is wide, but due to the rush of passengers, it may need help to carry. Pack your necessary equipment light to travel a hassle-free journey. 

Bring Your Own Food:

In South Asia, some train services offer food while traveling, but not most. The food quality on the train is not healthy; you may see some local shopkeepers selling their fast food on the train. Some people may sell biscuits, lays, and salinities. It’s better to bring your food along during the journey and have a healthier trip.  

What are the Advantages of Taking the Train in South Asia:

The passengers may have advantages to taking a train in South Asia instead of other local services. Here are some:


The train services charge less than others such as taxis and busses, so many people prefer train journeys. The tickets are affordable for people to travel as it makes it simple for passengers to travel by train at a cheap rate. 


The people on the way always want a comfortable and tireless journey, so they stay energized after the travel. The train journey comforts its passenger as there is a birth seat to sleep. Seats are wide with a choice to open the window if the train is not airconditioned.


The trains are available in a wide range at every station and run every hour or half. May schedule have delayed for some trains, but trains are available 24/7. You can pick up a train whenever you want to go anywhere if other transport is unavailable. 

Scenic Routes:

Asia is filled with natural beauty, and train routes in many countries go through the hills, villages, deserts and rivers. The passenger can enjoy the journey with these scenes, and travel also gives unforgettable memories. 

What are the Challenges of Taking a Train in South Asia:

There are some challenges equipped with benefits in South Asia to take a train. Here are some:


As discussed above, most people use the train for the journey in Asia as it is cheaper than other means of transportation. The passenger may face overcrowding at the station or on the train, especially on peak days when employees or laborers return to their hometowns. These days, train cars are packed with people and luggage, so passengers may have to face these issues. 

Limited Amenities:

The amenities provided by the trains in South Asia are limited. Most trains Lack Airconditioning and clean toilets.  A few trains may have dining or food services, but many need these as passenger brings their supplies for a comfortable journey.

Safety Concerns:

The train journey is comfortable, but there are also some risks. The local’s robbers may steal the essential equipment of passengers. Travelers should be aware of these people to remain safe. Always look around you and take precautions to keep your belongings secure.


Train travel is the most affordable and convenient way to explore South Asia, and there is a unique perspective of local life and an opportunity to experience the area’s scenic beauty. Travelers may take a train in this region to travel anywhere. It is a cheap and affordable transportation for the people. The journey is equipped with benefits and challenges so travelers can enjoy it. The travelers remember some things about taking the train, and they must decide destination first and book tickets in advance as well as some challenges such as overcrowding, delayed schedules and safety concerns.

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