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travelLanka Tour Packages Providing you with a unique, Low Cost & unforgettable travel experience in Sri Lanka. That reflects the traveler’s true desires and interests. To perform this service with professionalism, creativity and knowledge. We want our clients to experience the real Sri Lanka, rather than just see it.

Through our website we invite you to have a glimpse of Sri Lanka, which is not only the lustrous Pearl of the Indian Ocean, but one of the most exciting locations for your next vacation. You will be enticed by the rich diversity of sights and sensations that this little island has to offer.

This is your one stop travel shop to find and book the best travel packages Sri Lanka has to offer. Choose a Tour Package or Tailor make one of your own and leave the rest to us.

Tourism growth has already shown a Positive Trend in arrivals from various destinations, and Sri Lanka can today be classed as the “Safest Holiday Destination” to visit with diverse attractions beyond compare.

Our mission remains the same as it was when we started this travel agency in 2004: which was to provide high-quality tours at the lowest price possible.

We organize tours for couples on honeymoon or on holiday. For individuals to groups, nature and adventure lovers, for special interests such at ayurveda holidays, yoga holidays, cultural tours, camping, diving, bird watching, photography tours and many more. Also for a truly personalized journey we at Prestige Holidays can design a unique package holiday that will suit you perfectly. The Prestige Holidays Team is dedicated to deliver an experience of a lifetime so please provide us with your specifications on the ‘Tailor made’ link above and we will do the rest to ensure you have a truly unique Vacation.

To tour with Prestige Holidays is to gain an insight into Sri Lanka that independent travelers never have, in a convenient, comfortable and eco-compatible manner where respect for local customs, people and culture is paramount.


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