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Travel Channel Schedule – A Guide to World’s Top Shows

The Travel Channel Schedule is your ticket to embarking worldwide, never leaving home. The Channel is packed with amazing shows that take you worldwide, from majestic mountains, exotic beaches and hidden gems to bustling metropolises and adventure activities. These shows offer something for everyone with a passion for exploration or an eye for experiencing different cultures. They provide various shows on the telecast and on the website that provide insights into the local culture and customs of different nations. In this article, we will discuss the travel channel schedule and uncover the world’s best shows.

What is the Travel Channel Schedule?

The Travel Channel Schedule is an easy-to-follow programming guide that includes shows from around the world featuring unique destinations and memorable experiences. It is an American-based cable network that provides viewers with information, tips and stories on global travel. They offer programs from various genres, including adventure, food, history, culture and more. The channel has made its mark in the global market with shows like “Bizarre Foods,” “No Reservations,” and “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.”

Categories of Shows Broadcast on Travel Channels: 

The travel channel provides a wide range of shows to its audience to explore the world at home without any hustle. Here are the categories:

  • Adventure
  • Specials
  • Global
  • Escapes
  • Food & Drink
  • Cruises
  • Tours
  • Luxury Resorts and Hotels
  • Wildlife and Nature
  • Family Fun 

Each category offers viewers a chance to explore the world while discovering new places and cultures around them. From bungee jumping in New Zealand to culinary tours in Italy, the Travel Channel Schedule has something for everyone.

Top Shows on the Travel Channel:

The Travel Channel offers a wide variety of entertaining and informative programs that cover destinations, cultures and activities around the world.

No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain:

This iconic show features Anthony Bourdain exploring cities around the world, sampling local cuisine and immersing himself in the culture of each place.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern:

Andrew Zimmern takes viewers on a journey to sample cuisine, explore the history and discover unique cultures in each city he visits.

Mysteries at the Museum:

Host Don Wildman travels to museums, archives and historic sites worldwide for unique and mysterious artifacts.

Ghost Adventures:

Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin and Jay Wasley investigate haunted locations worldwide as they search for answers to unexplained sightings and occurrences.

Ghost Brothers:

Brothers Juwan Mass, Dalen Spratt and Marcus Harvey explore America’s most haunted locations as they attempt to discover the truth about the afterlife.

Ghost Hunters:

The TAPS team– led by Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes – travels to haunted locations to collect data, analyze evidence and try to uncover the truth about the paranormal.

Expedition Unknown:

Host Josh Gates travels to exotic locations around the globe in search of answers to age-old mysteries.

Extreme Yachts:

Enjoy the luxurious world of high-end yachting as hosts Peter Miller and Orion Brown travel aboard some of the most lavish yachts.

Airport 24/7:

This series follows the staff and passengers of Miami International Airport as they navigate the busy airport in search of adventure.

30 Miles From Nowhere:

The adventure continues as host Josh Gates is sent to some of the most remote locations worldwide, searching for answers behind mysterious disappearances.

The Dead Files:

This paranormal investigative series follows Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allen as they travel to haunted locations to uncover secrets of the past.

Destination Fears:

In this series, hosts Dallas Campbell and Anya Crittenton venture to the most haunted destinations worldwide, searching for answers behind mysterious hauntings.

Booze Traveler:

Join host Jack Maxwell as he travels to different cities worldwide for unique and delicious drinks.

Kinder Spirits:

Hosts Mark Rosenzweig and Tracy Wilson explore mystical locations worldwide, searching for answers behind mysterious events.

The Holzer Files:

Join investigators Dave and Cindy as they explore haunted locations around the country, searching for answers to paranormal activity.

Mountain Monster:

Join hosts Trapper, Huckleberry and Willy as they travel to the Appalachian Mountains searching for mysterious creatures.

What Can Viewers Expect from the Travel Channel?

The Travel Channel offers a unique and immersive experience that will take viewers on an unforgettable journey. From exploring remote villages in India to sampling exotic cuisine in Vietnam, each show is filled with incredible stories, breath-taking visuals and loads of fun facts. With such an expansive selection of programming, viewers can easily curate a program that is perfect for them and explore the world from the comfort of their own home

What Can You Learn From Viewing the Travel Channel?

The Travel Channel is more than just entertainment for adventurous viewers. From exotic destinations and unique cultures to local customs and cuisine, travel programs offer a wealth of knowledge of our world. These shows provide a glimpse into different ways of life and teach us about history, geography, and even science. By watching travel shows, we can broaden our horizons and better understand the world around us.

How to Discover New Shows on Travel Channels?

The Travel Channel regularly updates its programming schedule, so there are always new shows to explore. The viewers can search by location, genre, or period to find the shows that interest them. Viewers can sign up for the Travel Channel Newsletter or follow them on social media to stay informed of upcoming shows and specials.

Is the Travel Channel Free?

Unfortunately, the Travel Channel is not free. It requires a cable or satellite TV package subscription to access the content. However, limited episodes and specials are available online to stream for free on the Travel Channel website or through their mobile app. Some streaming services, such as Hulu and Sling TV, offer the Travel Channel as part of their package.


The Travel Channel offers viewers an exciting array of programs to take them on a worldwide journey. The platform has a massive collection of live shows on the web. From uncovering mysteries in haunted destinations to learning more about the local customs of exotic cultures, viewers can easily find something to suit their interests. Travel shows provide a great opportunity to gain knowledge and an understanding of the world. Viewers can easily find something they love on Travel Channel with various genres and platforms.

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