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Travel Accessories

Travel Accessories: Recommendations from an Expert

When you’re traveling, you’re away from a lot of luxuries and amenities that you have at home. To keep yourself comfortable, you have to take along travel accessories. When we “accessories,” we’re generalizing things a little. Travel accessories can include things like the small pillow you put around your neck (there’s a name for it, don’t worry) and a power bank to keep your phone topped up.

Let’s take a look at some accessories that we recommend you should always take along with you on your travels.

1.      Power banks

The number one thing on your packing list – apart from the travel essentials – should be power banks. People call them portable chargers as well.

Power banks are important because they help you charge your phone or other supported electronic device if they happen to run out of battery.

Travel Accessories

While a lot of us don’t like to admit it, our reliance on mobile phones is abject…and uncanny. Nowadays, should we run out of juice on our phones, it could mean us not getting access to our transport booking app, hotel booking app, restaurant booking app…

The list goes on.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, you should always have a power bank with you on your travels. Depending on how many devices you usually travel with, you may even have to pop in a couple of power banks in your bag when you set out.

And we should mention that the power banks themselves have to be charged. So, to rephrase our heading a bit, we could say “charged power banks.”

2.      Travel pillows

You’re sitting in your plane seat, and you start getting sleepy.

Good. Time for a nap.

Except not. Since you don’t have a nice pillow to rest your head on, you can’t doze away. And since you can’t doze away, you’ll be stuck staring at your phone or out of the window until landing.

Travel Accessories

Not a nice way to start your trip.

The solution to this type of problem is to simply buy a travel pillow. You know, the one that looks like this:

If you have one of these on you, you can take a snooze whenever you feel like it, and that too without worrying about having to wake up to an aching neck.

Of course, buying a travel pillow is not a very simple affair. I mean, you could walk into a store and walk out with one, but that’s not really a way to make sure that you’ll be comfortable with your purchase.

The bottom line? Stick to the following tips when buying a travel pillow:

  • Buy something you can afford. Like duh…but don’t underspend and buy something you can’t sleep with later and don’t overspend so that you’re left with a smaller budget to spend in your travels.
  • Make sure to buy a pillow made of a material that doesn’t bother your skin. It’s a bit specific, but since a travel pillow (like the one we’ve shown above) goes around your face, it has to be something that can save you from allergies. Go with a hypoallergenic pillow.
  • Make sure it fits you. Don’t buy a kiddy size if you’re an adult and don’t go for an adult size if you are buying one for your kid.

Let’s move on with our list of travel accessories.

3.      Travel chargers and adapters

So power banks are great and all but they are to be used when you’re on the move and don’t have access to a power outlet where you can use your standard charger.

When you do have such access, you don’t use a power bank. You use…a standard charger.

But what if you are in the US and going to somewhere in India? They use 220V over there while the folk in the US use 120V.

Travel Accessories

This is where travel chargers come into play.

Travel chargers are basically chargers that are made to convert a higher voltage into a smaller reading. If you have a device that is made to be charged at a lower voltage than what’s coming out of the outlets, you can use a travel charger.


It has to be remembered that nowadays, most phones and tablets are dual voltage. In other words, they can be charged with both 120V and 220V. Charging such devices is okay wherever you may be.

Moving on to the next entry of travel accessories we mentioned: travel adapters.

Travel adapters are a concept somewhat different from travel chargers. Travel adapters serve the simple purpose of allowing the charging cable to be connected to the outlet with the adapter acting as the “compatibility” middleman.

For example, if you are in the US, you may be using a three-pronged charger for your phone. If you want to take this phone somewhere along with you on your travels, you can’t count on your destination to have three-hole sockets available for you.

You can buy a travel adapter in this situation so that you can charge your device at outlets that are of a different type than the ones you use in your own country.


That’s about it for our list of travel accessories.

Don’t get us wrong. There is a lot of other stuff that you could and should bring along with you on your travels.

The stuff we’ve mentioned above is what think is in the very important category.

Hope you had fun reading this post!


1.      What items do people need when traveling?

Some of the main things that people need when traveling include:

  1. Travel documents
  2. Clothes
  3. Accessories
  4. Electronics
  5. Toiletries

2.      What do I put in my travel bag?

You can put your essential items in your main carry-on. These items include things like your wallet, passport, phone, power bank and the like. As for the large stuff like clothes and books, etc., you can put them in a large suitcase.

3.      How do you travel with one bag?

Traveling with one bag is super easy and super fun. You just need to pack your travel essentials and leave out the things that you don’t need or that you can buy at your destinations.

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