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Top 6 Beautiful Lakes in Bangkok

Bangkok is known for its plethora of tourist landmarks and attractions. It is one destination that attracts thousands of travelers every year and is usually an inseparable part of any Thailand tour itinerary. But did you know that Bangkok is also home to several beautiful lakes both within the city and also on the outskirts?

Take a Look at the Most Pristine Lakes that you will find in and around Bangkok:

  1. Amazon BKK Lake – The Amazon BKK Lake is one of the most beautiful ones in Bangkok. This is a gorgeous man-made lake built for a purpose although it is technically not within Bangkok but in the nearby Nakhon Pathom province. This lake also offers surrounding flora and fauna including beautiful greenery and wildlife such as deer and white buffaloes. It is an oasis of calm and tranquility only an hour from the bustling Bangkok city. The lake is also a popular spot for fishing, home to several species like the Arapaima fish, Chaophraya Catfish, Peacock Bass, Redtail Catfish and Alligator Gar to name a few.
  2. Bungsamran Lake – The Bungsamran Lake is famous in Bangkok and is home to the biggest freshwater fish in the whole world. It is home to huge species including the Giant Siamese Carp and even Mekong Catfish. It is an ideal spot for anglers and fishing enthusiasts, covering a whopping 30 acres in all and the depth of the water goes up to 30 metres as well. There are both carnivorous and herbivorous fish in the lake, with many of them weighing more than 100 kg. There are air-conditioned bungalows available on rent for tourists and visitors while guides are also available for exploring the lake along with fishing. These guides also arrange all fishing equipment that you may require.

You will find a good restaurant and an internet café and convenience store at the location. This park is a great choice for spending a charming day around Bangkok in a more relaxed and serene ambiance. This is regarded as one of the world’s best lake-themed fishing resorts. You will enjoy the choicest Thai delicacies and beverages here while having a blast with your friends and family. The bungalows are where you can take quick showers and get away from the heat for a while. All in all, this is as attractive as can be!

  • Palm Tree Lagoon – This is another pristine lake that is also a popular spot for fishing enthusiasts. It is not technically in Bangkok but slightly one hour away on the outskirts, at Ratachaburi, a more rural zone. The lake is smaller at 3 acres, compared with other massive lakes in and around the city. However, it is home to several large fish species that draw anglers in large numbers. It has 100+ fish species including several local varieties and even some coming from regions like the Amazon! Guides are also available here at the Palm Tree Lagoon for offering all the guidance that you require along with helping fishermen get access to equipment, bait and more. They also help in snaring catches along with photographing the same.
  • Bang Phra Reservoir- Located in close proximity to Bangkok, this gorgeous reservoir lies in Amphoe Si Racha, Chon Buri. The entire zone around the reservoir is lined with lovely trees that offer delightful shade and other greenery. You will find a nicely blooming Sala tree that is a treat to look at. The location is very near Bangkok and hence this water body is a popular destination for tourists to the city. Photographers love the tranquil and soothing surroundings while pre-wedding photography is also a popular activity here to say the least!
  • Jurassic Mountain – This is another spectacular lake located on the outskirts of Bangkok and very close to the Cha Am city. This is a lake that is also regarded as another paradise for anglers. It is home to several species including alligator gars, arapaima, ripsaw catfish, Redtail catfish and Pacu among others.

  • Nong Bon Lake – A specialty of Bangkok, the Nong Bon Lake or Bung Nong Bon is situated in the district of Prawet, in proximity to the Rama IX Park. This reservoir is also man-made and offers a beautiful recreational zone for visitors. There is a dedicated centre for watersports that you will greatly appreciate, especially if you love adventure and trying out new sporting activities. This centre offers everything you need to pump your adrenaline levels, right from kayaking and sailing to even windsurfing which promises to be quite a thrill indeed! There are classes given out for visitors although this is usually based on the availability of the instructors. They mostly take place between 2 PM and 4 PM in the afternoons.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration operates this lake and offers cost-effective memberships for a year as well. You only have to carry your passport or Thailand ID Card along with two photographs for applying to use these facilities for twelve months. This is especially helpful if you are staying in Bangkok on work for longer periods of time. The lake is also popular with fitness enthusiasts, notably for its 4-kilometer jogging cum biking trail that encircles it beautifully. With proper lighting and security cameras throughout the entire trail, there are options for slow and fast bikers too, courtesy of neatly demarcated and marked lanes. You can safely go biking here with your loved ones and children alike. You can also bring your own bicycle (one that you could have possibly rented to explore Bangkok and its surroundings) and view the delightful water birds that flock to the area owing to its peaceful ambiance. Unlike many other public water bodies and parks, Non-Bon Lake is also pet-friendly. However, many owners may let their pets run freely around the place, so watch out for the same.

Now that you know about the best lakes to visit in and around Bangkok, plan your stay carefully. Check out and book serviced apartments in Bangkok before your trip. Complete all trip formalities and abide by Government regulations. Make sure you have a list of attractions and activities ready as well.

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