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Things to Do in London on One Day Trip

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London has been one of the most visited and is amongst the top 100 places to be in, for tourists, businessmen and all other types of trips and tours. It’s a hub for just everything. Now what if you come to London and somehow you just have one day trip or let’s suppose you’re busy in work or something, and in the end you’ve just got one day left.

What will you do? How will you manage to explore all London in just one day? Well, frankly speaking it’s really hard to make most of London attractions in just a single day.

Here we will just try to help you to get an insight of what people do, where do they visit, what are the favorite tourist destinations here etc. So, you can just have a quick idea of what’s near toyou and what you can manage to do in that small time.

Well, coming at the waterloo station would be a great decision as there’s lot of fun nearby. When you’re there you’ll somehow manage to see the sight-seeing tower (The London Eye) and can also manage to see the Parliament House, crossing the Westminster bridge, The Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and he Trafalgar Square where you’ll see the Nelson’s column and much more ahead. You could easily plan the One-Day trip to all your desired destinations and the top tourist locations.

There’s much more to be done in a day trip, and so many places like, the London Bridge, Bank Of England, Tower of London, Yeoman Warder and St.Pauls Cathedral. Or you could just climb back to the Double-Decker bus and let it make your trip! The decision is all yours. In the afternoons you could pay a visit to the Madame Tussauds and the British Museum, And finally just to make your day better you could have a French cuisine dinner at the La Pont de la Tour restaurant.

Having a flawless transport can actually make your one day trip superb, so just book a car with London Airport Transfers and freely see most of London in your one day trip!


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