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The Best Tours In Israel

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family01If you are thinking of taking best Israel tours, you are probably having a difficult time in deciding just what to see and where to go when you do get there. However, that is what tour guides are for, because they have already been there and they know what you will want to see.

In your mind you know what you want to see, but you really don’t because you haven’t connected the places and the distances yet, so you will have to give in and quit trying to plan your trip. Just leave everything to your tour company.

    1. What Can Tours In Israel Offer?

Most tours in Israel will have a package all ready to go which will allow you to stay in comfort and see all that you wish to see. Everything has been planned down to the minute, and all you have to do is pay your money and show up.

A typical tour in Israel might have you starting out at a very nice resort at the Dead Sea, where you will have the most luxurious dining, the best room, and an enjoyable time bobbing in the Dead Sea as it is one of the most salt filled waters in the world and you cannot sink.

From there, you might have a 10 day tour that focuses on the life of Jesus, where you will visit all the main Biblical landmarks where Jesus walked and taught.

The best Israel tours will take you to visit Galilee and Capernaum, and visit the place where the “Sermon on the Mount” took place, and you will see what a natural amphitheater effect the surrounding area provided.

You’ll visit the spot on the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus, and you’ll spend time in Jerusalem as you have the time to walk the Via Dolorsa, the path that Jesus took on the way to His crucifixion.

You’ll also stand on the Mount of Olives where Jesus met with his disciples just before He ascended into Heaven. You will experience the same terrain and areas that the people during the time of Jesus experienced, and you will gain a great perspective of how things were in those times.

    1. Best Israel Tours Offer A Full Package

When you take these tours in Israel, all of your meals, lodging and transportation will be provided for in the price of the tour, and all you have to do is travel, eat, sleep and enjoy things as you go. The best Israel tours will take care of everything!

You will be fascinated by the fact that many of the items and places that are spoken of in the Bible are still intact for the most part. Of course the buildings are brand new, relatively speaking, but the landmarks, cities and places are going to be very familiar to you, and you will be thrilled to see that your Bible will come alive as your make the tour.

To hire the best Israel tours is the smart way to travel, as your tours in Israel guide will be fully versed on all of the traditional sights and history, and will be able to point out local customs that have not changed since the time of Jesus.


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