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Take Back Your Vacation! Learn How to Cancel Your Unwanted Timeshare

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13If you are tired of missing vacation time with your family due to high maintenance fees and unable to travel on your own time, then you TR Group has many options available to help you out of your timeshare ownership.

How it works

The process described herein covers the most common scenarios. Each client’s file may be different, and the specialists make adjustments accordingly.

Free Consultation

You will speak to one of our specialists on the phone, webinar, or in person. Case Preparation Your account manager will prepare the paper work for your case and keep you updated throughout the process via email, phone, and/or regular mail.


Our team will negotiate with the resort to take back your timeshare and release you of your contract.

Confirmation of Release

You will receive a document confirming your timeshare contract release.

Our experienced national network of friendly specialists will be happy to assist you cancel your timeshare. The consultation is always free. Learn your options today.


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