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How to Save Money on Your Disney Vacation
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How to Save Money on Your Disney Vacation? Complete Guide

Do you often plan to go to Disney but cancel it? But why? Isn’t it a budget issue since you have to manage a sound amount of money to go to Disney? It is very upsetting! But not any longer because we’re going to share some strategies with you shared by trip experts who have visited Disneyland multiple times. So, this article is just for you — simply read it and have a sound Disneyland trip while staying within your budget estimates. 

10 Money-Saving Strategies on the Disneyland Trip 

No more stress of budget while visiting the Disneyland. Have a look at the following tips and save your budget. 

Staying in Non-Disney Hotels 

You can save good money by lodging at non-Disney hotels. There are plenty of hotels available within walking distance from Disneyland. However, all these hotels are individual-owned and are highly expensive. They even provide very few facilities compared to the cost. So, by staying in non-Disney hotels than hotels, you can save around 50% of your money.

Buy Groceries & Bring Your Food 

Ordering food in the park will prove highly expensive, so buying groceries, packing your food in it, and bringing it to the park is recommended. Plenty of people think that bringing food to Disneyland is not allowed. But everyone can bring food to Disneyland and have lunch or dinner there. 

If you need help to go to a market and buy groceries, you can use online applications or websites to buy groceries. However, before buying groceries from an online platform, ensure they have a positive rating so you will receive quality products. 

Look for Discounted Park Entries

Disneyland and Disney World charge very high entrance fees. Even some families find the prices shocking. However, you can save yourself from this cost. For example, you can buy a three-day ticket online to keep yourself from entrance fees. Even if you can buy an online ticket for over three days, it is up to you. 

However, buy tickets from a reliable online source so your money won’t get wasted. According to Kristen Maxwell, found of Kids are a Trip, you can get Disney entrance tickets from many places, such as AAA and Costco Travel. Moreover, both retired and active US military members can also avail of sound discounts while buying Disneyland and Disney World entrance tickets. 

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Don’t Avail Park Hopper Passes 

Park hopper tickets are costly even many people find them a burden on their budget. They’re even more expensive than Disneyland entrance tickets. So, if you have kids along with you, it is recommended that you visit one Disney park in one day. Even if you’re alone, you will find amusement in visiting one park. 

Also, using a park hopper ticket, you can move from one park to another in midday. So, you’ll find it joyful visiting one park in one day. 

Don’t Visit Disneyland Daily 

If you have a Disneyland trip, visiting Disneyland Park daily isn’t necessary. For example, if you have a seven-day trip, you may visit Disney Park for three days. You can enjoy the remaining days at Disney hotels since many hotels arrange multiple activities for adults and children. 

Moreover, you can also have fun while doing other activities like horseback riding or beach activities. You can have entertainment with other activities like shopping, dining, etc. 

Research Affordable Transportation Options 

Rental car costs a lot in Disneyland. However, some people think that rental cars are an affordable option. So, experts who have visited Disneyland often recommend other transportation options than rental cars. 

Before renting a car, investigate other transportation resources and choose those that best fit your budget. Before availing a transport service, ensure it provides top-notch services at low prices so you won’t have a bad experience during your Disney vacation trip. However, you can avoid booking a rental car or any other transportation means if your resort is within walking distance. 

Avail Disney Discounts

Since Disney is a big company, it provides discounts to its users so they can enjoy Disneyland within their budget estimates. Disney usually offers the same discounts to its users at the same time. So, you need to search for the previous Disney discounts and study them. 

If you don’t find Disney discounts, you can check the multiyear data tracker. This platform helps you find and analyze your discounts. Disney provides discounts for a specific number of rooms. Once all these rooms are reserved, the discounts will be ended. So you must apply for discounts without delay. 

Visit Off-Season 

Visiting Disneyland and Disney World during holidays like Halloween, Christmas, summer vacations, and holiday weekends will be extremely expensive. The transportation, hotels, and flight owners will increase their rates since it’s a peak time of the year. 

Therefore,  if money is tight but you still want to visit Disneyland, schedule your vacation after mid-August or during the first two weeks of May. The first two weeks of December are also a wise decision. 

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Calculate Budget for Your Kids to Spend 

To stay within your budget, you must set spending boundaries. For example, if you want to buy a fluffy rabbit toy for your kid, you must set a budget for it. In case you have budget issues, you can avoid visiting those places where toys are available to buy. If your children are above 8 years old, you can share your budget limit with them and ask them to buy according to the budget estimate. 

Prioritize Drinking Water 

Needless to say, it’s necessary to explain the benefits of drinking water, from regulating body temperature, boosting skin health, flushing body waste, etc. So, it will be a super good choice if you drink plain water instead of ordering sodas during your Disneyland trip. Normally, one soda glass costs $3. So, if you have a family with you and order soda three times a day, it will completely disturb your budget. 

Final Thoughts

You can save a huge amount of money and have a Disneyland trip according to your budget estimates if you follow the above tips. From booking tickets in advance to exploring budget-friendly accommodation options and taking advantage of meal plans, there are numerous strategies to make your magical trip affordable. So, follow these tips and have a memorable and joyful Disneyland trip. 

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