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Plan Your Perfect Summer Holidays In Greece

Most travelers know that Greece is not only a country with a rich history but also an ideal summer resort. So if you are now planning your trip to Greece, you are probably faced with the question of accommodation. And if you are wondering what is better: renting a hotel or a villa, you should give a clear preference to the latter, and here we’ll tell you why. 

Make The Best Deal For Yourself

If you are not satisfied with noisy neighbors, evening music, or separation with children or friends, you can rent a villa in any resort area of Hellas. Only in a private villa will you use the beach 20-50 meters away from the property. The selection of villas to rent on the BlueVillas website includes villas with Upper, Reception, Pool, and Lower Levels that can accommodate varied guest counts. 

Most private villas offer guests a private beach, sea views, air conditioning, an equipped kitchen, WiFi Internet, and satellite TV. In addition, you can use a solarium, garden or park, jacuzzi, barbecue area, and much more at the villa. Unfortunately, not every hotel offers such services to its guests. But lucky for you, BlueVillas has everything for Greece’s most comfortable summer vacation.

Advantages Of Renting A Villa

Renting a villa or house has many advantages:

☑️ Profitable cost of living. Renting a villa in Greece for a vacation with children can come out cheaper than staying in a hotel if you come as a large family.

☑️ Independence and privacy. You can spend your time the way you want. Your daily schedule does not depend on anyone. Complete freedom from the mandatory rules of hotels.

☑️ Savings on food. Having lunch and dinner in a restaurant every day can be costly and sometimes dull. Villas have fully equipped kitchens so that you can prepare your favorite meals and snacks for the kids.

☑️ The extensive grounds. Landscaped lawns and spacious terraces are other pros of the villa over the hotel. You can safely let children play outside.

☑️ The absence of a large number of people around. 

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Summer Holidays In Greece

How To Choose Villas To Rent In Greece?

In order not to make a wrong choice, you need to consider some important details:

  • Villa size and the surrounding territory. You need to think carefully about how many rooms a particular family needs for a comfortable stay.
  • Location. The distance to the sea, the beach, and the nearest store and restaurant. As a rule, options with a large and spacious area are not in the center of resort villages. Consider whether you will have a car.
  • Availability of facilities for children. Usually provided free cribs and high chairs, but it is better to specify this issue, especially if you have more than one child.
  • High season. July and August are usually the most expensive months for which you need to book a villa in advance. A good alternative is a vacation in June or September.

BlueVillas offers many options for a memorable vacation and a vast selection of luxury villas in Greece. You can explore the villas yourself on the site, but managers will find the best region and facility for you if you have difficulty. 

Summing Up

BlueVillas offers over 450 luxury villas for different tastes and budgets in the most attractive Greek destinations: Mykonos, Santorini, Paros, Antiparos, Crete, etc. So even in the high-demand season, finding a free villa near the sea is possible. Of course, the later you book, the fewer options will remain, but if you think about booking now, you will still have a vast choice.

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