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Party City Greece
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Party City Greece – A Guide to Celebrating in Athens

The perfect spot for party lovers to enjoy the nightlife scene in the cultural entertainment hub of Athens, Greece. Greece celebrates cultural and traditional festivals throughout the whole year. Athens city bars and pubs also have a vibrant nightlife for party enthusiasts to hang out with friends. There are many party places and wine shops where world-famous DJs come and perform for the tourists and locals. To celebrate here, you must know how and when is the best time to visit to immerse yourself in the culture and nightlife. In this guide, we will discuss the party city of Greece, Athens, to celebrate and enjoy. 

Party City Greece

Greece has a rich culture and history with ancient landmarks like Acropolis and Parthenon. The people of Greece know the fun of celebrating to have some fruitful moments. There are many festivals throughout the year, and they celebrate on the full moon night with DJS performances. Athenians are famous in the world for the best spots for parties, and they enjoy till the morning. Foodie people also love to try the food and drinks for the eatery experience while hanging out.

How to Celebrate in Athens

As a party city in Greece, Athens celebrates life in a new way. But if you have to know where and how you can join them, we have compiled this guide for you. Budget travelers also have the opportunity to save money on travel to indulge in free activities. In the undersection, we have listed the best spots, bars, and festivals to celebrate in Athens. Check out below:

Athens City Festival

Athens City Festival

In the month of May, Athenians celebrate the cultural festivals. The festivals have something for everyone to immerse in the culture and enjoy the vibrant days in party city Greece. This spring festival is always hosted by the Athen city. The visitors and locals can both participate in the festival without any entrance fee because all the activities are free. There are many activities in the whole month, such as sports events, street parties, picnics, open walks, large concerts, exhibitions, and many more to enjoy for free. You can also have dinner at the Acropolis Museum Restaurant without paying anything. 

Digital Arts Festival Athens 

Digital Arts Festival Athens 

Beyond the street performances and concerts, Athens has a new perspective on life with modern ways to promote art. The people of Athens and digital skills holding participate in to catch up with science. They perform in virtual and augmented reality to challenge the world. You can witness the performances of video arts, audiovisuals, animations, and installations. 

Ejekt Music Festival

The party city of Greece, Athens, celebrates music festivals in the months of June and July. They invite DJs from every corner of the world to mesmerize the experience of guests and locals to enjoy the music beat. A large crowd of people come to enjoy this music festival because they have the chance to see and listen to the world-renowned people. The event is hosted at the venue of Plateia Nerou, so people can easily access it. This is the best way to celebrate your days in Athens and enjoy it for free. 

Colour Day Festival

It is the best way to get relief from stress and just enjoy in the public place without having any worries. The festival is like the Holi festival of Hindus, where they color each other. You can also go to the party city in Greece, walk the streets and color yourself, do not wear your expensive suit and try to wear a white suit. In this way, you can immerse yourself and celebrate the vacations with unforgettable memories. 

ADD Festival

ADD Festival

“Athens Dance till Dawn” is an electronic base dance festival for five days in May. The first edition was started in 2018 for two days, and now it has five days for celebration. You can enjoy this festival at the airport, Elliniko Airport and get free rides to get there. Take a free Uber from the nearby metro station and enjoy the music beat. 

Athens International Film Festival

International film festivals are hosted in cinemas to watch movie series from all over the world. You can have a great time here as you can participate with friends and family and also watch movies. This festival takes in September for two weeks. Enjoy the premier night on the opening day with the largest audience. 

Bars and Pubs to Celebrate in Athens

Party City Greece Athens not only hosts the festivals, but there are also many bars and coffee shops where you can enjoy your nights and days throughout the year. 

In the below section, we have mentioned some party bars to enjoy in Athens.

The Clumsies

Known as one of the world’s best bars, The Clumsies offers an extensive cocktail menu in a stylish and inviting atmosphere. It’s an excellent choice for those who appreciate craft cocktails and a sophisticated ambiance.

Brettos Bar

Located in the historic Plaka neighborhood, Brettos Bar is famous for its colorful collection of liqueurs and spirits. The bar’s cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it a great place to celebrate with friends.

Six D.O.G.S

This multi-space venue in the party city of Greece, Athens, combines a bar, a courtyard, and a live stage for music events and DJ sets. It’s a favorite among locals and tourists alike for its eclectic atmosphere and vibrant parties.


Hoxton is a stylish bar with a modern, industrial design. It offers a wide range of cocktails, craft beers, and an excellent selection of spirits. The atmosphere is trendy and perfect for those seeking a more upscale party experience.

Couleur Locale

For a rooftop experience with breathtaking views of the Acropolis and the city, Couleur Locale is a must-visit. Enjoy cocktails, tapas, and the magical Athens skyline at this rooftop bar. This party city Greece bar allows you to see the city’s stunning views from the rooftop and enjoy the night. 


Located in the lively neighborhood of Gazi, Gazaki is a club that hosts some of the best DJ sets and electronic music events in Athens. It’s a fantastic spot for dancing and partying in the early hours of the morning.

Jazz in Jazz

If you prefer live music and a jazzy atmosphere, Jazz in Jazz is a top choice. This jazz bar features talented musicians and a cozy ambiance, perfect for those looking to celebrate with live tunes.

The Art Foundation

Taf is an artsy bar and gallery known for its creative events and unique cocktails. It often hosts art exhibitions and live performances, making it an exciting and unconventional choice for a celebration.


Party City Greece Athens celebrates the many cultural events for the locals and tourists. It is vibrant with attractions and lovely nightlife to hang out during vacations. You must consider the time from May to September for visiting her to immerse yourself in the festivals for free and learn more about the culture and traditions. The city bars and pubs also invite the DJs and provide a platform to dance to the electronic music beat. All in all, you can spend the golden days in Greece too if you visit during the festival days. 

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