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Norse Airlines Reviews: A Budget-Friendly Alternative for your Trip
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Norse Airlines Reviews: A Budget-Friendly Alternative for your Trip

There seems to be a proliferation of low-cost carriers recently. You can pick from a wide variety. As a frequent flyer, digital nomad, and solitary traveler, I can attest that these airlines are ideal. If there were more low-cost airlines, we could travel more frequently without breaking the bank, right?

There are many low-cost airlines that people are aware of, such as Wizz Air, Vueling, Southwest Airlines, and many more.

All of them, let’s just say, have their own peculiarities. But maybe Norse Atlantic Airways is a no-frills airline with a fresh perspective on customer service.

Guaranteeing low rates, plush seats, and state-of-the-art aircraft. But do they provide what they promise? You can find out everything there is to know about Norse Airlines by reading my in-depth Norse Airlines reviews.

An Overview of Norse Atlantic Airways?

Norse Atlantic Airways is a low-cost Norwegian airline that will debut in 2021. They feature transatlantic long-distance flights.

On June 14, 2022, they took to the sky for the first time, carrying passengers from New York to Oslo. They offer a variety of economy-class seating options with the goal of providing passengers with comfort, excellent service, and low prices.

Who Owns The Airline?

Norse is shared by several individuals. Bjrn Tore Larsen, the CEO, owns 63% of the business. Bjrn Kjos owns an additional 15%, while Bjrn Kise is the proud owner of the remaining 12%.

This evaluation is 100% unbiased because I have no vested interest in the subject.

So, the Norse Airlines reviews are on my experience base.

What’s The Destination?

In its little time in service, this airline has already developed several long-distance routes. Currently, Norse operates flights from Oslo, Norway to Los Angeles, New York City, London, and a few additional locations across the United States and Europe.

Norse Airlines Reviews about destination

Comfort on Norse’s Boeing 787 longships planes is limited to the bare essentials. You’ll find a complete rundown of their Atlantic crossings here.

Economy Fares on Norse Atlantic Airways

Whenever I try to book a flight on a low-cost airline, I am inevitably presented with multiple upgrade possibilities, even in Economy.

Norse Atlantic Airways is just like any other airline. They’ve added three varieties of economy classes so that people can take trips without breaking the bank, but what are the differences between them?

OK, here’s the deal:

Economical Flight

The bare bones of a Norse flight. One standard seat, one under-seat bag, onboard entertainment, and a power outlet are included. In-flight snacks and beverages can be purchased. Your flight may be changed for a charge. Simple, but surprisingly economical!

The Economy Classic

These economical alternative costs a little more but offers a lot more value. You can bring one carry-on bag up to 22 pounds and one regular checked bag up to 50 pounds in addition to the under-seat bag.

You get one meal for free, and you can buy more as well as drinks on board. Economy fares can be upgraded for a price.

Economy Plus

All the extras you might want are included here. Some of the perks of upgrading to Economy Plus include the ability to choose your seat, enjoy priority boarding, and cancel or modify your flight at no additional cost. The meal and baggage limits are the same as Economy Plus.

Premium seating is available on flights with Norse Atlantic Airways if you’re looking for greater comfort. While I’m easily persuaded by extras.

I always advocate going with the bare minimum when it comes to low-cost carriers and only upgrading if absolutely necessary. Even though the upgrades aren’t usually all that noticeable, you may expect to pay more for them.

Baggage Restrictions by Airline

If you have ever flown with any other airline, you know that you have to pay extra to bring your bags along. Low-cost airlines are notorious for charging extra for carry-on bags. Baggage allowances for economy class tickets vary by fare type.

Let’s check out the pre-reservation rates in that case.

  • Pricing for a 22-pound carry-on begins at $25
  • The price for one 50-pound luggage at the airport is a minimum of $70.

You’ll be faced with expensive charges and fees if you decide to buy them at the airport. Make a reservation in advance and save money!

What Are The Norse Airlines Reviews BY People?

As a relatively young airline, Norse Atlantic Airways does not yet have a sizable customer review base. However, the little that I have seen has been encouraging.

How Convincing Is Norse Atlantic Airways?

Good Norse Airlines reviews have been received for the restaurant’s food, service, and seating. However, the in-flight meal portions were relatively little, so if you’re a snacker like me, you might want to carry some additional snacks.

Although I would expect some delays from a brand-new airline, both the service and the flight itself went off without a hitch. This airline may not have the best reputation just yet, but it’s off to a good start.

How Convincing Is Norse Atlantic Airways?

Norse has been around for less than a year but has already garnered some encouraging responses. If you need a low-cost airline that leaves Oslo and flies to the United States, or vice versa, Norse is your best bet. They have new, simple planes that are affordable and provide excellent service.

There are, however, a few downsides, which I shall now describe. There is still room for enhancement given the number of documented delays, the scarcity of available routes, and the high cost of optional extras.

Despite the fact that delays and additional fees have traditionally been associated with low-cost carriers. That’s the way life goes sometimes.

The Good

  • Low-cost long-distance flights
  • So far, so good with the service.
  • Options to either skimp in Economy or splurge
  • New Airplanes

The Bad

  • Congested roads
  • Costs associated with checked bags
  • The initial phases of a project


The in-flight service of Norse Atlantic Airlines is adequate, especially considering the low prices they charge. The Norse Atlantic economy tickets are the cheapest way to get to or from Europe, costing only $129.

You can save a lot of money if you are willing to forego some of the comforts of the airline and factor in the costs of extra bags and seats. I have mentioned the Norse Airlines Reviews based on my personal experience with the airline.

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