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Ngwe Saung is one of the best places in Myanmar ( Burma)

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ngwe-saung-tourThe beach of Ngwe Saung is one of the best places in Myanmar ( Burma) to enjoy the ultimate sea relaxation. Its peaceful location with many interesting attractions nearby has made Ngwe Saung famous not only for foreign tourist but also Burmese people.

Ngwe Saung, meaning ‘silver’, is a newly opened beach resort on the west coast of Myanmar. It is still an unspoilt virgin destination, with crystal clear water and clean silver sand. Have you noticed that all the beaches does not face to the west? Only when it does, you can experience the perfect sunset, with sun going down into the sea.

Ngwe Saung is a very romantic beach, which stretches 15 km of white sand against the blue sea. There are newly built resorts with local flavor but equipped with modern facilities. Fringed with coconut trees, almost all hotel buildings usually face toward the beach. Diving facilities and boat excursion to nearby islands can be arranged.

At Ngwe Saung Beach, you can spot many fish species as well the diverse marine life. Coral reef is also very pristine here. There are certain points that you can see jelly fiehse, sea shells anc crabs on the shore.

The smell of fresh air, the taste of sumptous seafood, and the heat of the sun, will make your holidays complete.

Other things to do in Ngwe Saung

Those who love to understand about the local life can witness the traditional work of making umbrella in Pathein. This work has been reserved from generation to generation featuring one of the most colorful handicraft of Burma country.
For family, elephant camp is a good choice to walk through the tropical forest, bathing the friendly elephant and venture into the nature of Ngwe Saung.
Surfer will find waves and suns in Ngwe Saung like no other. There are endless chances to passionate yourself here.

Getting to Ngwe Saung Beach
From Yangon, there are daily bus to Ngwe Saung which takes about 5 hours.
For a smooth travel to Ngwe Saung Beach, you are advised to hire a private car from Yangon to Ngwe Saung since the road is very scenic.

Our suggestion : book your trip to Ngwe Saung with a local Myanmar Tour Expert, you will enjoy better as there are some advantages that you will not have when you plan the trip yourself.


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