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Let Korea entertain you!

I cannot honestly said that I have been totally bored in Korea. The vast selection of things that you can entertain yourself with is simply incredible. Not only that, but things are extremely accessible around the clock.

For example, yesterday I went to the cinema with a friend. This time we went for one of the relatively early screenings, the time was only 10 PM when the movie started. But we could just as well had gone for the one that started 11:50 PM, 1:20 AM (or 25:10 like the cinema schedule for some reason says), 2:15 or 4:10.

By the way, the amount of enjoyment I received from that movie was limited to the popcorn I consumed during it. Why? The movie was Insidious 3. 인시디어스 3. (In-Si-Di-Os-u)


Let me use a couple of minutes to tell you about my relationship to horror movies.

I have seen Insidious, Insidious 2 and now chapter 3. Why I have tormented myself for about 3×90 minutes is a big mystery to me. Some people claim that they like to watch horror movies because they like it, they get some sort of enjoyment despite all the fear they experience. When I watch a horror movie I only get to experience the fear, and the only amusement or happiness is what the people around me feel while laughing at me jumping up from my seat and screaming.

When I saw the first Insidious, I was with 4 friends in a summer cabin in the rural areas of Sweden. We were BBQ’ing, drinking beer and we were behaving very manly in general. That is, until we decided to watch a movie. Someone came up with the genius suggestion Insidious. Everyone agreed. We are manly men, we can handle a stupid horror movie.

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My friend, who’s family owns the house we were in, has quite a large sofa in the living room. Five guys weighing about 80-90 kg each could easily sit comfortably spread out all over the sofa. 45 minutes into the movie, though, a chair would have been sufficient. These five very manly guys were in the corner of the sofa, hugging/grasping each other while reassuring the others that it cannot get any worse now. That’s about how cool we were when watching the movie.

I watched the second movie in a cinema in Oslo, Norway. For some reason, I had forgotten the episode in Sweden. Now I thought that the perfect date was to go see a horror movie with a girl. Because then she would be scared and hold my hand. And I am sure that works in a lot of cases. But this plan has a small probability of success when I am covering my eyes with my hands and screams out load every 5 minutes. She enjoyed her popcorn and laughed occasionally. Not the best date I have ever had…

Ok. I think that will be enough with the self humiliating stories for this post. We are after all, talking about Korea.


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