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4 International Cheap Flights in 2023
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4 International Cheap Flights in 2023

When you want to take a trip anywhere abroad, saving up as much as possible on the flight makes sense. You have to take care of many other expenses, and you may be a little tight on your budget.

You know, there are a lot of internationally operating airlines that don’t charge too exorbitantly. They are quite suitable for people who want to keep their travels economical.

In this post, we are going to look at four such international cheap flights that you can take in 2023. By the way, we should highlight that when we say “flights” in this context, it refers to airlines and not the one-time/round trip from one place to another.

Detail of International Cheap Flights

1.      AirAsia

As the name of this airline indicates, this airline is based in Asia. It has bases in various countries in Asia, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. According to Wikipedia, it offers flights to 165 destinations in 26 different countries.

AirAsia has long been hailed as one of the most affordable airlines. While it operates in a limited number of countries and destinations, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it to get other flights.

For example, when we visited the official website to look for random flights around the world, it started showing us a whole list of available ones provided by other airlines.


In other words, you can visit AirAsia and have them set up your flight even if they don’t feature in it themselves. Code sharing is a common practice in aviation, and AirAsia does it extensively to give a smooth flying experience to its customers.

Another excellent thing about AirAsia is that it goes beyond its simple function of arranging flights and selling tickets for the same. It also caters to other different needs, such as ground transport and accommodation, etc. It even offers a “shopping” service that you can use to buy stuff and pick it up at the airport, or have it delivered to your seat during the flight.

AirAsia basically provides its customers with everything they need for their trip i.e., flights, accommodation, and a place for doing shopping.

2.      Jetstar Airways

Jetstar Airways is an Australia-based airline that operates in several countries. It has an extensive number of flights in its domestic network i.e., within Australia, and it also provides flights to and from a handful of other countries as well.

Some of the countries where Jetstar Airways operates include:

  1. USA
  2. Indonesia
  3. Japan
  4. Fiji
  5. China
  6. New Zealand

And a couple of others.

Jetstar Airways has a very limited presence even in the countries mentioned above. For example, for the USA, the only airport listed on the official website is the HNL airport in Hawaii.

To learn more about some of the major airports in Hawaii, click here.

Similarly, only the Kuala Lumpur and Penang airports are available for Malaysia.

But, while there are limited options that you can pick from with this airline, there is one undeniable perk that you can enjoy. And that is the super-low rates.

For a flight from Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne to HNL Airport in Hawaii, the average quoted price is around 500 AUD, which is around 350 USD.

Jetstar Airways detail

To compare the prices, Etihad Airways (recognized as the most expensive airline right now) offers an average price of 2,700 AUD for a flight from Tullamarine Airport to JFK in NYC. Although they’re not the same places and routes, it does help to get an idea of the price difference.

If you happen to be in Australia and are looking to get a flight from there, using Jetstar can be a good choice. There are, of course, other international cheap flights that you can get with this airline.

Like AirAsia, Jetstar Airways provides different amenities along with the flights. You can use it to book hotels and check for car rentals at your destination.

3.      Eurowings

Eurowings is the third airline we will discuss in this article.

Like the others we’ve mentioned, Eurowings is also an affordable airline that operates in multiple areas worldwide. However, judging from the information provided by the airline website and other sources on the Internet, Eurowings has perhaps more destinations than any of the other two airlines we’ve mentioned so far.

Eurowings has hubs (bases) in different places, including Berlin, Dusseldorf, Vienna, Hamburg and Cologne. While these are this airline’s bases, the destinations it flies to are much more multifarious.

According to Alternative Airlines, Eurowings flies to areas such as:

  1. Bangkok
  2. Geneva
  3. Katowice
  4. Jersey
  5. Bucharest
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Gothenburg
  8. Barcelona
  9. Basel

And many more.

You can get an idea of how affordable this airline is by looking at the deals it shows on its home page.

 Southwest Airlines

Granted that a lot of these flights are inter-country trips, but still, tickets this cheap can be pretty handy.

Like the ones mentioned above, Eurowings also provides different facilities and amenities to its customers such as car rentals and accommodation. However, it goes beyond that to provide tickets for ferry rides, yachts, etc.

4.      Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is also said to be an affordable airline. It covers a good number of airports and destinations, but only in the continent of North America.

If you want to fly from someplace in North America to another place on the same continent, you can consider going for Southwest Airlines. For destinations beyond that, you’ll have to pick some other one.

Southwest Airlines also doesn’t fly to Canada, despite the latter being in North America. This is due to the payment system not being set up yet. However, you can go to places like Jamaica and Mexico.

Southwest Airlines flies to a total of 121 airports situated in 11 different countries. You can look for and book your flight on the official website.

Southwest Airlines

Other than that, there are some perks that you can enjoy with this airline, such as the no cancellation or change fees and the hotel/car booking, etc.


In the post above, we’ve looked at four different international cheap flights (airlines) that you can use to fly to your destinations in 2023. Some of them are a little limited with regard to the destinations they fly to, but they can be good choices to consider seeing the number of amenities they provide and the cheap prices they offer.

There are, by all means, other airlines that you can try. But you should be careful about your budget when making your pick. Flights are usually short, and it’s worth saving money there and spending it elsewhere.

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