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How is Your Mental Health?

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#1.Name of Business: Sherklindoll
#2.Pronounced : Sherk-klen-Doll *In a Exotic French like voice *.
#3.Type of Business:Health/Travel/,Retreat
#4. Business Contact: Text, Call, or WhatsApp :205-266-9632
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: MindReviveRetreat

#5. AD: How is Your Mental Health?
Did you know Around 450 million people suffer from conditions currently, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability globally? Many people Don’t realize they need a Mental Detox or even Have Mental Health related Issues. Do you often get a sad dark feeling, loss of appetite, often want to be alone, missing loved ones, hook on Opioids, or just want to give up?
You Don’t have to suffer along.
At Sherklindoll We have over 50 years in Experience. We focus on Healing and the Renewal of the Mind. We are not the familiar or Basic Resort, Travel Agency, or Intervention Program. We specialize in Deep intimate inner Soul Healing.
Come to Sherklindoll, Aminata( Am-i-neta) will be waiting for you.


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