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Getting A Passport For International Travel

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Many people want to travel outside of the United States, so that they can experience more of the world. There are so many amazing places to go, magnificent attractions to see and new people to meet. However, anyone who wants to travel will need to make sure that they have their passport in order before they decide that they want to travel.

While it is possible to book a trip for two weeks away and have a passport within that time frame, it is a difficult challenge that most people do not want to take a chance with. Therefore, most people will apply for a passport a few months before they plan on leaving for their trip. This also saves money, because an expedited passport is more expensive.

The first thing that a person needs to do is fill out the application for the passport. This form can be found online and everyone can fill it in and then print it out. People need to make sure that they do not sign it though, until they are instructed to do so.

Once the application is filled out then the person would need to go to either a passport facility or a passport location. They need to take not only the application, but also evidence of U.S. Citizenship, a photo id, a passport photo and money to pay for the passport.

Sometimes a person will plan on traveling to another country and not realize that their passport is close to expiring. It is important to check the expiration before the trip is planned, because some countries will not allow people into the country if their passport is not valid for a minimum number of months after the travel date. No one wants to spend time and money traveling to a country and be turned away at customs because their passport is not valid for a long enough period of time.

Renewing a passport can be much easier than applying for a new one. A person will need to fill out the renewal form online and have a new passport photo taken. They will take that and their old passport to a passport facility. It is recommended that people renew their passports at least nine months before they expire and if a person travels frequently, they should ask for a larger passport book on their application.

Whenever someone has changed their name legally, they will need to get a new passport. The guidelines are the same as a renewal, but the person will also need their marriage certificate or the court order that states the name change.

Everyone can have a lot of fun while traveling the world as long as they take the time beforehand to make sure that their passport is up to date and ready for them to use. No one should wait until the last minute to apply for a passport, because it can take a few weeks for them to be processed. No traveler wants to miss out on a fun vacation, because they didn’t get their passport in a timely manner.


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