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Family Time Travel
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Family Time Travel – Guidelines for Travelling Full-Time!

Having a family is no reason to curb your wanderlust if you have the wanderlust gene as we do. We’ve always been set on seeing the world, even if it means bringing the kids along. And believe me when I say that traveling the world with them has afforded us some very incredible opportunities.

We took a year off before starting a family and traveled extensively throughout the summers. Package vacations? Nope, just not our style. Except for that one time, we tried our luck in The Gambia. Unsurprisingly, it just wasn’t our thing. Fortunately, we made friends with a local who took us on wild adventures to authentic restaurants and reggae clubs.

We had planned a family time travel a year driving around Europe and Morocco with our three young children in our 1991 Hymer camper but the lockdown forced us to change our plans temporarily. Whatever your goals.

We have some essential considerations for you to mull through before jumping deeply into your own family time travel journey. The ride you’re about to experience will be unforgettable.


Listen up, folks! Here’s the plain truth: it might sound like Captain Obvious is paying a visit, but before you dive headfirst into a year of globetrotting. You better ensure you have the dough to support your grand adventure. Trust me, it’s far better to travel for a shorter period and has the moolah to seize every amazing experience along the way.

Who needs a long trip if you end up seeing diddly squat? I mean, seriously, what’s the point of traveling miles on end only to plop yourself down at a campground for weeks on end?

I have to say no to that. When we family time travel, it’s all about going to new locations and experiencing the cultures of different places. Now, before you set off on this wild family time travel

 travel voyage, you had best make sure your financial game is rock solid, whether you want to draw into savings, work online, or rent out your crib back home.

Imagine going all the way to Morocco just to be forced to skip out on an unforgettable camel trip through the desert because your bank account is begging you to. No one has the time for that!

How Is It Possible Family Time Travel?

Ah, the burning question on every wanderluster’s mind: How can I travel and work at the same time? As a dedicated traveler, I’ve delved into this pursuit, seeking careers that offer the freedom to roam. Join me as I share my experiences and offer some witty insights into the world of work and travel.

Digital Jobs And The Remote Oasis

A good first step for any would-be world traveler is to find work that makes use of modern technology. The development of RV satellite internet has made formerly inaccessible areas of the world accessible as offices. It’s amazing how technology has opened up fantastic opportunities for us wanderers!

Embracing Flexibility: Jobs And Sabbaticals

Some of us opt for jobs with flexible working patterns, allowing us to accumulate extra hours and save up for extended holidays. Personally, as a secondary school teacher, I hit the jackpot with those glorious extended summer holidays.

These breaks have fueled our previous summer mini-adventures. I’ve also got a bunch of friends who’ve cleverly utilized their teaching qualifications to snag jobs across the globe. Science teachers (yours truly included) are always in high demand, ensuring job security no matter where we wander.

Minimalism And The Art Of Letting Go

Many travelers opt to save money by embracing a more minimalist lifestyle. We learn to ditch unnecessary materialistic objects and discover that life on the road is liberating without all that baggage (both literal and metaphorical).

Trust me; once you’re immersed in your travels, you quickly realize that you don’t need all that stuff you left back home. It’s a profound realization that shifts our focus toward what truly matters in life. And hey, we’re also teaching our children to value experiences over possessions.

If you’re curious about what we decided to take on our adventures, check out our ultimate essential packing list for van living.

The Illusion Of Blogging Success

Ah, the dream of making a living through blogging or running a YouTube channel. While some have achieved this dream, let me share a dose of reality. Building a blog and growing an audience is no walk in the park. It’s time-consuming, far from straightforward, and riddled with competition.

For every successful blogger, countless others are struggling to catch a break. Admittedly, we’ve recently put more effort into our own blog, thanks to the forced restrictions of Covid-19 giving us an unexpected surplus of time.

However, time is extremely valuable, as any parent of more than one child can attest. Spending time with our loved ones has always taken precedence over writing on our trips. Our site may be expanding, but it isn’t yet generating enough income to cover our living expenses.

Finding My Balance

In my quest to combine work and travel, I’ve explored various paths and learned valuable lessons along the way. Whether it’s embracing digital jobs, savoring the perks of flexibility, adopting minimalism, making strategic investments, or diving into the world of blogging, each option comes with its own challenges and rewards.

Family Time Travel: Where Should I Go?

Family Time Travel

It’s all about the money and your bucket list. We’ve done the Southeast Asia stint and the South American honeymoon. Road-tripping through Europe was always our dream once we had kids, so the choice was a no-brainer.

Your destination depends on your kids’ age and preferred travel method. We had a trusty motorhome for our three little ones, carrying everything we needed. But next year, with four kids (yup, a new baby’s on the way!), we’re venturing to Central America.

That calls for a whole new approach: backpacking, or should I say ‘flashpacking’—the cool new trend. Suitcases and backpacks will be our companions, but we’re determined to travel light! Asia may be farther, but it’s a budget-friendly paradise with endless adventures.

By the way, there are awesome travel blogs out there. Use them to research your destinations. Happy exploring!

What Should You Do With Your Home And Belongings?

I’ve already mentioned how one perk of traveling is learning to live with less material stuff. Many folks must sell their homes or other valuables in order to afford their journey. We went a different way. Our family has opted to keep and rent out the family home.

We are just able to pay the mortgage and utility bills this way. One of the bedrooms was even used as a closed repository for our excess possessions, which we piled to the ceiling. It’s our safe space to go back to after being away, saving us the trouble of having to relocate and start over.

We’ve chosen to make our yearly trip into a two-year one because we’re expecting our second child soon. We aren’t going to stay nomadic indefinitely, so we made sure to maintain our house as a solid investment.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a family or not, you shouldn’t let anything stop you from traveling the world family time travel. Most issues have workable answers that can be uncovered with enough ingenuity. Nothing should prevent you from satisfying your wanderlust.

Anyone who wastes their time making up reasons why they can’t go is obviously not that interested. You should go on a trip if it makes you happy. Don’t stress out over your children. The good times are waiting for them!

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