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Things to Do on Your Trip to India

Different Things to Do on Your Trip to India

So you have planned a trip to India and are all set to embark on your journey. If you have read/ heard about travel in India you will know that the opportunities to spend time are virtually limitless, and there is no end to the various things to do, experiences to undertake and sights and sounds to marvel at. It can be quite challenging for a traveler to make the most of traveling in India since the country is vast and there is much to do.

In this article, we have shortlisted the best ways to spend time during a vacation in India.

1. Go Shopping for Unique Goods

This is a favorite pastime of all tourists in India. The handicrafts industry in the country produces just about every imaginable good, from textiles and garments to jewelry and footwear, from paintings and sculptures to household utility items and home furnishings. Instead of purchasing the usual mementos, spend time in the bazaars and haats of India to buy real India goods and wares and take back a small piece of your trip to India with you. Delhi Haat in the capital city of Delhi, Lal Chowk in Kashmir and Meena Bazaars across various states in the country are all great examples of shopping opportunities.

2. Spend Time Trying Out the Traditional Food

Food is one of the biggest attractions of visiting India. From the spicy hot foods of Rajasthan to the localized Chinese cuisine all over the country, from the sambhar-vada of South India to the extravagant meat dishes of Kashmir, the cuisines and variety of food in India are limitless. For true Mughal cooking visit Old Delhi and Chandini Chowk in Delhi while you can try all kinds of state cuisines at Pragati Maidan and Delhi Haat.

3. Storytelling styles and puppetry are an integral part of the culture of India

No trip to India is complete without attending some shows. The India Habitat Centre in Delhi is often a venue for various street plays, concerts and small performances. Delhi Haatal ways has ongoing thematic festivals, usually with focus on specific states at a time, and one can not only buy goods and try out cuisines of the state but also attend theatre, dances and music performances of the state. These events are lively and vibrant and are a great effort on the patrons part to keep the ancient traditions and culture of the country alive. You can watch these age-old arts come to life, meet the performers, hear about the history of these performing arts and take beautiful pictures and videos that you will cherish for life.trip to india

Now that you have a list of the three best ways to spend time on a trip to India, make sure you follow this advice and do these things. Apart from visiting the monuments and tourist attractions and spending time at all the famous places it is also essential to explore the culture, cuisine and spirit of the country on any travel plan.

4. Go on a Wildlife Safari

India has a diverse range of flora and fauna, and going on a wildlife safari is a great way to explore the country’s natural beauty. You can visit national parks such as Ranthambore, Kanha, and Bandhavgarh to see tigers, leopards, and other wildlife.

5. Visit a Spiritual Destination

India is a spiritual country, and many destinations are considered holy. You can visit places such as Varanasi, Rishikesh, and Haridwar to experience the spiritual side of India.

In order to get more details on shopping, dining and cultural opportunities of India do some research on the Internet. This way you will have an extensive list of places to go to, different schedules and price lists to rely on during your travel.

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