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Cruising tips on Greek Island

Greek islands are one of the most visited places due to their fascinating beauty and magnificent history. There are soo many places to explore on these islands and several questions are popping out like how long your yacht should be, what are the best things to do on these islands, how to book a perfect cruise, and what places should be included in the itinerary and what is the best time for visiting these islands? These are the question,s that arise in one’s mind.

Chartering a yacht

Choose the yacht depending on the number of people and the types of luxuries you want in your yacht. Chater yart prices in Greece differ according to the size. Small size yacht has limited facilities, suitable if you are with a small group, affordable adventure expense, you cannot visit all the islands because of its small size. However booking a large size luxury ship with proper rooms, gyms, bars, restaurants, the proper cooking arrangement and can take you to multiple destinations due to the bigger coastline. Charter a yacht in Greece with YBH is great for surfing, fishing, and windsurfing.

Sailing itinerary on Greek islands:

For the best sailing experience on these  Greek islands booking the cruise, these are the place that should be on your itinerary for wonderful and making it the best experience.

Athens is the most fascinating city with ancient temples and other historical monuments. Acropolis is the place to must go to when you visit Athens. It is one of the most archaeological sites to see.

Olympia is the other place that you should be included. It is the site of the original Olympic games and has buildings in honor of God Zeus and visit the Olympia museum to know about the history of Olympia.

Make sure your cruise stops in Crete, a worth-watching place. It is close to the palace of Knossos. It is the ancient sprawling complex, deserted place, a beautiful visit to know about Greek history, destruction of this site, and religion.

Santorini is a beautiful place to visit created by lots of volcanic activity and has high cliffs. There is a town named fira with beautiful and iconic white buildings, enchanted and flourished blue tiles, mesmerizing and satisfying site to go. The other town is Oia, a fifteen-minute ride from Fira and you can visit the classic buildings of Santorini. You can have the best experience with cable car down or taking other rides to visit this place.

Mykonos is one of the most iconic and fascinating sites to visit. You can visit little winding streets, can take amazing photos in the windmills, it has beautiful sops, restaurants, and bars.IT is a vibrant and cool place to explore the culture and fun time at this place.

Patmos is the other beautiful that you should visit. You can visit the famous monastery called Monastery of Saint John, original scrolls from the bible, Jesus’s Book of revelations, a very popular place to visit for religious purposes for Christians. The cave of revelation is also a beautiful ancient place to visit. This is a lovely and beautiful town with iconic white buildings.

These are the places that you should be included in your itinerary for sailing in Greece.

The best period for cruising:

The weather can get hot and can fluctuate 100-degree celsius on islands so take all the protective measures to wear sunscreen, the best season to visit these islands in June, July, and October.

How much it costs depends on the number of days you stay there, boat size, and stay in the hotel. However, on average it costs 40 to 60 euros per day..

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