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Campings for caravaners

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Traveling in a motorhome is a vacation. As such, you do not need to spend all of your vacation time within the house on wheels; you can also visit special camping grounds. However, the accomodation costs in European camping sites are variable – a day can cost anywhere between 5 and 40 euros. So what is the difference between these campsites?
Would you like to create your own route for motorhome journey or are you more comfortable renting a house on wheels and travel along a pre-defined route developed by a rental company? The long-awaited camping on an evening road does not include the full range of services to which you might be accustomed. To select the campsites look at the number of stars listed in their rating.

What do the stars mean in describing a camping?

The first criterion of the campsite quality is related to the dimensions of a single parking pitch. Overall rating is also detetmined by the presence of the reception desk, availability of drinking water, toilet waste disposal system, washing machines, toilets, and showers.
The following example explains the classification of campsites adopted in Denmark. From this you will be able to assess the quality of camping before you even reach it.

Single-Star Camping

The minimum parking space for one motorhome is 80 sq.m. Camping staff are present daily. Camping includes a shower with hot water supply, a washing unit (washing machines), and electric rosettes for razors and hair dryers. The camping is equipped with a kitchen unit, and a playground.

Two-Star Camping

Possessing all the advantages of a one-star camping, these campsites should have electrical outlets for 20% of the parking pitches. Obligatory reception desk with 24/7 service and day staff. The campsite is equipped with at least two shower cabins and a sewage system.

Three-Star Camping

In addition to the above conditions, at least 15% of the camping pitches in these campsites should have an area of 100 square meters. 40% of parking pitches must be equipped with electrical outlets. Camping staff are at work 24 hours a day. Tourist quarters – kitchen, recreation room with TV – are in closed premises.

Four-Star Camping

Including everything that is necessary for a lower rating, at least ​​25% of the motorhome pitches is 100 sq.m. Electrical outlets must be present at 60% of the parking pitches. There must also be separate showers, locker rooms, and a playground. In the kitchen quarters there must be a stove and a microwave, next to the dining room. Within a 1000 m distance from the campsite will be a cafeteria and a grocery store.

Five-Star Camping

Including all the advantages of the lower rating campgrounds, half of the camping pitches is 100 sq.m. At least 20% of parking spaces are equipped with sewerage and drainage systems. On the territory of the campsite must be a restaurant with a valid license for the sale of wine and beer.

You can navigate the route across Europe for your camper independently, or you can rent a car from the professionals, instructing them to select camping sites according to your criteria.


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