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Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos tour in 2 weeks

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Southeast Asia may as well be one of the most beautiful and serene places to visit in the world. This might be the reason why so many tour guides suggest giving this part of the world a thorough tour. One of the many expeditions suggested the Viet Bamboo Travel crops up quite frequently. This once in a lifetime kind of a trip is filled with exciting opportunities, exotic places to visit, awe-inspiring natures creations, unique food trends and loving native people that leave a permanent imprint in your memory. In short, you have not lived if you haven’t toured the mesmerizing wilderness and mind expanding hikes and journeys amid the hustle and bustle of the locals of Southeast Asia. The three countries have a lot to offer in terms of tradition and culture. In addition to this, the visit is also stuffed full of exhilarating fun with cruises, art displays, unique fashion wear and enjoyable moments that make 2 weeks all too less to be fair to each destination.


There are many places to visit in each country which may present as a problem, however, efficient tour guides can help you plan out your entire Vietnam Cambodia Laos Tour 14 days seem small, but the elaborate management of these tour guides enables you to thoroughly experience these countries to your fill. Once you have booked your trip and details with the guide you can now set on the journey to experience Southeast Asia like never before. The journey starts when you touch down in Siem Reap on day 1. This first day is dedicated to ridding the jet lag and getting comfortable. Once you are in your element, however, the holiday begins.

You will have the entire 2nd day for touring the beautiful Siem Reap city of Cambodia. The river town which was once just a mere transition has many entertainments to offer now. With its enchanting dining venues and stylish hotels and markets, the place has gained much popularity among the tourists. Spend your time sipping sraa, a rice wine delicacy of Cambodia or try out the variety of exotic street food on display. Having shopped, frolicked and dined to your heart’s content, it is moving on to Phnom Penh on day 3. Not much time is spent traveling so you have spare hours to devote to touring the city if you prefer. In addition to this, the whole of day 5 is dedicated to reveling in the mesmerizing pleasures of the city.

Phnom Penh, the most popular city of Cambodia and its capital is yours to explore for the day. The city is different from any other destination in the world. You can go visit the statue of Madame Penh up the legendary staircase or visit the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. You can also drop by the royal palace and entertain yourself with the jaw-dropping regal buildings or take a bike trip or a ferry ride on the neighborhood Mekong river as you please. After that, it is on to Saigon, the Vietnamese city where millions of motorbikes soar through the wind on a daily basis. There are also the Cu Chi tunnels as an added insight into the history of the country and fabulous hotels with mouthwatering cuisines to cap it all.


Moving on, the Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos Travel tour extends on to Hoi An which can be too hot to handle at times but its bamboo cooking experiences and river expedition to the night market, make it worth it. In addition to this Hoi An also offers great bike rides and an elaborate clothes market where you can have all the clothes of every fashion made and tailored to your desire. The small water town, although sunburnt, does have its own interests and entertainment spots to offer to those who can find it. Yes, the hustle and bustle do unsettle one at the start, but in the end, it all goes to add a unique twist to the outlook of the town as a whole.

After the Hoi An expedition, the journey moves on fast forward through the Halong bay with its pleasant waters and serene nature spots to Hanoi with its sophisticated architecture and fun trishaw rides that give you an amazing view of the streets. There are also multiple other fun spots like Fannie’s ice-cream and craft link for you to enjoy as well. From Hanoi, it’s on to Vientiane and finally to Luang Prabang, the most breathtaking city of all. The temples, the Wats and the Alms giving traditions as well as the elephant trekking experience, all add flavor to the whole trip, making it memorable beyond expression!


This concludes the fortnight of frolicking and entertainment dedicated to exploring the appealing nooks and crannies of Southeast Asia. Of course, 14 days are hardly enough to take in the beauty and culture of the place, but it will nevertheless give you a good impression of what life is like there. So, are you thinking of taking a trip soon? The Vietnam Cambodia Laos Tour 14 days of exhilarating fun, is a good option to consider! The locals are all happy to welcome you in their midst with the promise of an everlasting experience, the question now is, when are you coming over?


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