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Best Restaurants in Panama City
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Top 8 Best Dining Restaurants in Panama City

The best dining restaurants in Panama City offer the food quality, atmosphere, service, and reputation, all together to make unforgettable dining experiences. Panama City is a great place for foodies. Located between the Pacific Ocean and lush rainforests, this city has lots of different kinds of food that both locals and visitors can enjoy. You can taste delicious seafood, fresh organic local cuisine, and tasty international dishes. Whether you love trying new foods or you’re a traveler who wants to taste the local dishes, Panama City’s restaurants will leave you wanting more. In this guide, we will discuss the best restaurants in Panama City.

Best Restaurants in Panama City

Panama City is nestled in Central America, and it is a cultural and traditional place. The city is famous for its cuisine and multiculture. In the best restaurants in Panama, you can taste delicious traditional foods as well as Chinese, Japanese, French, Mexican, and many more. Try one of the best Seafoods and make your journey eatery experience well. 

In the undersection, we have mentioned the best restaurants in Panama City. Read in detail below:



Tantalo is a bustling bar and dining hotel in Panama City, close to Casco Viejo. You can enjoy the area views at the top of the tantalum rooftop.

At Tantalo, you can try food from all over the world, not just from Panama. But they also have plenty of dishes inspired by Panama, like jumbo shrimp, ceviche, tuna sashimi, tamale, and even. Elote is a special Mexican dish that is the famous special and famous dish of this hotel. You can also order various vegetarian dishes. 

Mongoose Fish Tacos

Mangoos Fish Hotel is the best hotel among the best restaurants in Panama City to eat tasty food. Most people love seafood, and they offer fresh fish chili as a special one. You can experience the fish taco with fresh ingredients that will leave you in awe. The restaurant also has a well-sitting plan and furniture. They also have a menu of burritos and ceviche dishes, which are famous in Panama. 

Wahaka Restaurante

Wahaka Restaurant provides you with a laid-back and enjoyable yet upscale dining experience in Panama City. the restaurants have a mix of traditional food from two regions, Mexican and Japanese. They have beautifully decorated the hall and interior, which looks amazing. The hotel also has cocktails. They serve many dishes, but some famous favorites are Beetroot Hamachi Tacos el Pastor and Churros Guacamole. Beyond the eatery experience, you can also enjoy live electronic music late at night. Savor cocktails and dance till 3. a.m. 

Azahar Panama

Azahar Panama

If you are looking to taste the different cuisines in one, then Azahar Panama is the best restaurant in Panama City. The restaurant has stunning buildings and interiors to feel like a luxury. You can order the Asian, European, and American flavors that you like most. They also serve the famous dishes ceviche, risotto, tuna tartar sushi, and dumplings. Their chef taste is awe, and they try to not disappoint you with their taste as they cannot compromize on quality. They also have two private rooms for events and meetings. They provide a comfortable seating plan to guests when it’s a party or event. 

Diablicos Restaurant

The best place to explore the real traditions and culture of Panama. Diablicos restaurant has a variety of cuisines, but it is well-known for Panamanian foods. You can experience the cultural taste and fresh ingredients food in with your family or friends. They also have other activities for guests to entertain while dining. You can also listen to traditional music and see the dance in the restaurant. The friendly staff also serve you as a special guest. They also have the best food and drinks in Panama. 

Nazca 21

Nazca 21 restaurant provides you with the best Peruvian food with delicious taste. No matter how many Peruvian restaurants there are in Panama, the Nazca taste captivates guests. They also serve many other famous dishes such as mussels, octopus, ceviche fried shrimp, squid, and calamari rings. You can eat the special plater mix of seafood with pineapple as garnish. You can be surprized with their art of cuisine decoration and service. They have many branches in Panama, some are along beaches, to serve the travelers. You can also enjoy drinks and sweet dishes. 

Lucca Restaurant

If you love the Italian original cuisines and want to eat in Panama, then Lucca restaurants fulfill your wish. As there are many of the best restaurants in Panama City, but Lucca has both fast food and traditional dishes. The restaurant made pure Italian foods with Italian products and fresh ingredients to make them more delicious. You can visit with family and friends for dinner at the best restaurant. You can taste pizza and many other fast foods if you visit with lovers with kids. Due to its affordability, everyone can savor the food in a warm atmosphere. They also care about the privacy of the family and provide a private seating place. 



Mahalo is located in Casco Viejo and serves delicious food without leaving you feeling too full. They have options for both vegetarians and vegans, making it a great place for lunch for everyone.

In the morning, you can try dishes like eggs Benedict, Apple,  avocado tostada, huevos rancheros, or cinnamon oatmeal. They offer a variety of options, including chicken tacos, tuna tartar, hamburgers, lobster risotto, and even Indian Murgh Makhani, which is more commonly known to Americans as Butter Chicken, among other choices.


One of the best restaurants in Panama City provides the perfect eatery experience to enjoy local and international cuisine. Panama is a cultural city with a rich history where people come to spend their vacations and taste the delicious cuisine. You can taste several regions’ cuisines, such as Asian, European, Mexican, and Panama. The restaurants provide a warm atmosphere with beautifully decorated seating places. Some of the restaurants also have entertainment plans for guests, like traditional music and dance at night. So, visit these restaurants during your visit to have the best eatery experience in Panama. 

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