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Best and Top Attractions to Visit in Bangkok

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Bangkok, the most populated city in Thailand, is known for its religion, culture and history. It is surrounded with beautifully and intricately decorated Buddhist temples. You would be completely blown away by the elaborate details and craftsmanship of these temples that are magnificently built. It is surrounded by opulent royal and tropical beaches.
Tourists from all over the world visit Bangkok as it is known for its nightclubs, restaurants and various sight-seeing places. The population of this place is more than 14 million and it is the main provincial force in business and finance. Bangkok is also an international hub for healthcare and transport. It is considered as a regional center for fashion, entertainment and art.

Best Time to Visit Bangkok

Bangkok, located in south-east of Asia, is known for its tropical weather. It is mostly hot and wet all through the year and the weather of Bangkok is divided mainly into 3 types. The three types include the hot season, rainy season and cool season. The coolest season includes the months from November to February and the temperature does not exceed 26 degrees. It is enough if you wear long-sleeved t-shirts at this time. The best time to visit Bangkok is definitely from November to April as it is very comfortable and the weather is cool. The Loi Krathong festival in Bangkok conducts around November 15th and it is a very charming day as the entire place becomes wonderful and is lighted all around.


Places to Visit in Bangkok

There are a lot of majestic places to visit in this City of Angels. There are more than 400 temples in Bangkok and you can even get to see many historical monuments. The bustling city is known for its towering skyscrapers and special village homes that are more than two centuries old. You can visit the colorful Chatuchak Weekend Market and do some shopping.

You can enjoy shopping in places like MBK, World Central and Platinum Malls and enjoy what this city has to offer. You can opt from the various tour packages available and visit the top attractions in Bangkok. You can relax by spending your time around the Reclining Temple of Buddha or visit the landscaped gardens in Bangkok. These landscaped gardens provide an opportunity to witness the rural life of the people of Bangkok.
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