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Belgium Travel Guide

Belgium Travel Guide Everything You Need To Know

Belgium is situated in the west of Europe. The land here mostly comprises of flat coastal plains in the northeast, and the Ardennes Forest occupies the southeast. Dutch, Flemish, French, and German are the official languages of Belgium, with Dutch being the most widely spoken, followed by French. The weather here is pretty predictable. The months from April to September are the warmest. Otherwise, the weather is pretty humid, and the skies are gray, which explains why umbrellas and raincoats are a part of the dressing. So, if the visit is planned for holidays during the rainy season, one must not forget to carry sufficient cover for maximum protection, as this is a coastal region. In case of emergency call 100 or 112.

Best Things to Explore in Belgium

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Belgians are English-friendly and will make every attempt to speak in English with a foreigner. Always remember to carry a small gift or at least flowers especially when invited over dinner. The dress to wear will be mentioned in the invitation when invited to a party. Smoking in public is acceptable.


The main shopping centers are Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Ostend, Namur, Mons, Liège, Ghent, and Mechelen. Belgium is famous for ceramics and hand-beaten copperware from Dinant, laces from Bruges, crystals from Val Saint Lambert, woodcarvings from Spa, and Belgium’s finest chocolates. In jewelry, diamonds from Antwerp are in high demand.

Eating Out

The specialty of most of the restaurants is horse and rabbit meat dishes. Although visitors can find a wide range of ethnic foods, the most famous are frites, mayonnaise, and mitrailleuse; mitrailleuse is a large bun filled with fries, donair meat, and garlic sauce, the vegetarians can ask for a veg. substitute for the donair meat. While eating at a restaurant, tipping is considered customary along with the value-added tax. At the cinemas, leave a €0.50 tip for the attendant and €0.25 after using the public toilets.


Voltage is 230 V and frequency is 50 Hz.


Delta Air Transport has inaugurated its new European airline SN Brussels Airlines recently. It flies to more than 58 destinations in Europe and as well as worldwide. Brussels Zayentem airport is twelve km from the city and it takes 35 minutes to reach the city from the airport. The airport has facilities like duty-free shops, car parking, taxi booking, car hire, banks, post office, restaurants, and medical help. Internet and fax services are provided for the passengers. The Airport City Express train transports passengers to three main railway stations – Brussels North, Central, and South. One can avail a bus which runs regularly from the airport, taxis can also be hired which wait outside the arrival hall. Tipping taxi drivers is considered customary. The train runs every 15 minutes.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Another airport, Brussels South Charleroi, is 5 km away from Charleroi and 46 km from Brussels. Ryan air serves as the local airline here and has cheap deals for several European destinations to and from Charleroi. The facilities provided here are bus and train services, café, car hire, and duty-free shops.

Ostend airport is 5 km away from the city and car parking, car hire, duty-free shops, and restaurants are provided here.

Antwerp airport is just 2 km away from the city. Buses run to the Brussels Central Station every few minutes.

Liege is situated at a distance of 5 km away from the city. Buses run at regular intervals here.

The departure tax at Brussels Zayentem is €20.93, Brussels South Charleroi is €3.49, Ostend and Antwerp are €10, and at Liege is €7.

Trains in Belgium

There is a network of high-speed trains operated by Thalys from Belgium to France, connecting Brussels with other destinations like Bordeaux, Chambéry, Cannes, Marseille, Lyon, Nice, Valence Perpignan, and Rennes. Booking should be made in advance for these trains. The national railway operates throughout the day providing service every few minutes to destinations such as Andorra, Austria, France, Czech, Germany, Italy, Poland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK, and the Netherlands. Insiders can avail of the Inter-Rail pass which allows visitors to travel to almost 29 European Countries. This service is valid for residents who have been settled there for more than 6 months.

Duty Free Items

Visitors can carry alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, coffee, and tea without getting customs duty levied on them, but only the goods should be limited. Check out the limits before carrying such goods. Food items that are not preserved are better avoided.

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