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Beach weather affects our mood

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bythebeachPhilosophers have said that weather affects our mood. When the sun smiles down on you and kisses your skin, it creates contentment in us. The sunny warm weather with a gentle breeze gives us a sense of satisfaction and suddenly the feeling that all is right in the world again. The enticing weather in South Florida is definitely a global destination for all vacationers who are looking forward to some relaxation and recharging the soul.
Pompano Beach remains one of the quiet beachside cities in the long stretch of the southeast coastline of Florida, sharing the beauty of the deep sea and its warm water with the neighbouring West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, and Miami. The local beautiful wreckage and colourful corals at the bottom of the ocean presents an excellent setting for scuba diving and snorkelling. If swimming in the sea isn’t for you, try the pool or the Pompano Beach Aquatics Center, a swimming center without the sand with just a $5 entrance fee.
If you are looking for a fishing experience, this is a great place to try your hand with Kingfish, Black fin Tuna, Swordfish, Blue Runner fish, Bonita fish and Mahi-Mahi fish. There are sport fishing charters available at affordable and reasonable rates.
The main attraction of Pompano Beach is the family orientated Municipal local pier. Unlike most piers, it is free of charge with a small splash park and playground alongside some outdoor gym facilities. The pier has a beautiful boardwalk, perfect for a relaxing walk. It is a famous attraction in Pompano Beach to just sit and watch as the world goes by around you, a good place to stop by for an evening stroll. You can watch people fishing off the pier, or just feed the pelicans that visit, bringing the focus back to the meaning of life amidst the chaotic clamouring world.
Last but not least; Pompano Beach has a variety of shopping. The most famous one is the Festival Flea Market where you can get discounted rates for wonderful gift items and a couple of beautiful antique shops to find antiques and collectibles.
With multiple ports nearby, it’s also the perfect stop before or after a cruise too. Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, all cruise out of the multiple nearby ports – Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Port Canaveral. Even the Tampa port on the other coast is only a few hours drive away.
There are numerous sites to help you find a place to stay;,,,… In the midst of all the sites, provides lovely accommodations so you may feel at home by the water. Every aspect of the single story homes offered here are designed to make you feel like you are at your own home. The great advantage that sets aside these accommodations from the rest in Pompano Beach accommodation is the space to create quintessential family quality time. The houses are located within a couple of minutes walk to the beach and about 30 minutes drive to other beach sides by the Gold Coast of Florida. The houses are large enough for a family, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and all the amenities and facilities to make you feel at home. After a day of fishing, sit in the back and grill your catch of the day!
The Pompano Beach area has developed and adopted a family orientated environment. Looking for a quiet, calming and restful vacation at the beach without the crowds? This is it. Visit soon, visit often, many return year after year to this sunny paradise!


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