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Tips to Bargain Like a Pro While Traveling
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Tips to Bargain Like a Pro While Traveling

Bargaining is an art; not everyone is Leonardo Da Vinci of this technique. The last time we discussed, I think a week ago, we were having supper, me and my wife Amanda. We were talking about purchasing some things for our house which we planned to buy from abroad. Further, Amanda asked me what is your budget, honey? I replied, “Why are you asking that?” She told me it would be easy after knowing the budget to bargain with vendors. Then this conversation takes a turn to the bargaining techniques that we will share with you in this blog post.

Effective Tactics to Bargain Like a Pro While Traveling

Travelers who are seeking ways to buy objects or services need to know how to bargain. Knowing the way to bargain makes you able to get the object for less money than vendors’ demands. Here, you will get to know some tips to bargain like a pro:

  • Start with a Smile
  • Know the Exact Price
  • Decide What You Want to Pay
  • Counter a Low Price Offer After a High Price Offer
  • Bargain in Local Currency

Start with a Smile

It is the rule of the world that smiling faces are more attractive than others. Therefore, it is necessary for you to start talking about the products with a smile with the shopkeeper or vendor. Not only this, but a great sense of humor also makes a difference to get you a better deal. Further, it will create a most definite enjoyable shopping experience.

Know the Exact Price

Secondly, you need to have a rough idea of the exact price of the object you aim to buy. If not, then you are not capable of bargaining effectively and will not save any money. So, it is necessary for you to know the market price of that object to bargain in an effective way. You can get assistance from your guide, and if you are not traveling with a guide, then ask vendors for a starting price in the market.

Decide What You Want to Pay

After knowing the starting price from the market of that object, you have to decide what you want to pay. You must convert the payment amount to your home currency to get an estimate of how much you are paying. Moreover, you can decide whether the object is worth buying or not. In this way, you will surely reduce your rushing speed into buying objects at once.

Counter a Low Price Offer After a High Price Offer

After making every possible payable price, go for the price of that item. Ask for the price of that item from the vendor. Fifty percent of the offer will be a reasonable price depending on the context and the item’s worthiness. The low-price offer and high-price offer are the boundaries of your bargaining process that can’t be changed. Further, ensure that you aim for a lower price than the vendor.

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Bargain in Local Currency

You are recommended to pay for the item in local currencies rather than US dollars. This is because you can get financial benefits by making purchases in the local currency. You should always choose to pay in local currencies where there is no chance of losing out. Therefore, you need to learn some basic words in the local language to make your bargaining easy.

Walk Away

If you are continuously asking for reducing the price of the item and the vendor is not coming low. Use this technique to make him reduce the price. Ask for the last time and tell him that is it the last, if he says yes, just walk away. He will surely call you back and ask you for the price that you can pay for that specific item. At this point, you shouldn’t be embarrassed, and you should come back and take the item after paying the amount.

Go for a Multi-Item Deal

Ass human is an animal, and the deals of more accessible items are its nature. If the vendor is not convinced to come down. You need to ask for the price of another item and if it says are you going to buy both. Tell him, yes, I will, if I get the concession over both items. Further, ask for the item you were aiming to buy and say if you can’t sell me this in X price amount, then let me buy them both in X price amount. He will surely say yes to you; now, get your things and go for another bargaining.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Once you have tried your luck with hard bargaining personnel, it is comfy to get carried away with success. It is suggested that you should not bargain too much with such vendors who are sitting around the streets and selling things. You should always remember that they need a few pennies more than you.

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Compliment The Seller

At the end of the bargaining war; you should remember that now you all are friends. Therefore, complement the vendor and go away from the place to make him happy or less angry. You are free to compliment him, “You seem to be a good guy,” or just ask, “Nice look, bruh!” In this way, you will be able to have a successful conversation with the vendor and make him happy.

Final Verdict

Bargaining is an art that you should master if you want to save money on buying items and services. You need to start with a smile and decide what to pay for that item. If you know the actual price of that item in that market, ask for a low price. Further, you should bargain in local currencies to make their moods. After buying the product, you remember that everyone is a friend and go for a compliment.

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