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Anything But a Backpack Day
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Anything But a Backpack Day Ideas 2023

Anything but a backpack day is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a day at school when you have to bring your stuff in anything but a backpack. It can be literally anything – and the quirky things students can think of are what make this day interesting.

What is the Point of Having an Anything But a Backpack Day?

Having fun.

What else can be the point of having kids bring their stuff to school in anything other than their usual backpacks?

When bringing things in all types of receptacles and carriers, students can amuse themselves and enjoy themselves without doing anything to actually bother their studies.

Other types of excursions and events can disrupt studies, but with “Anything but a backpack day,” it’s business as usual except with a funny and unexpected twist to things.

Anything But a Backpack Day

What are Some Good Ideas for Anything but a Backpack Day?

Since the day is about “anything” but a backpack, you can take that to mean literally.

Here are some good ideas that you can try for anything but a backpack day.

  1. Plastic grocery bag: Not the most creative pick, but it will definitely be fun both for you and folk at school. While they are used pretty commonly day in and day out, no one would expect you to plop your books and stationery down in a bag that has a jolly “Thank you for shopping here!” message on it.
  2. Pillowcase: Once again, not that creative, but still fun to do. The next time you want to take something for the anything but a backpack day, look around your closet and take out a pillowcase. You can then put everything in there and carry it around at your side or sling it across your back.
  3. Bucket: You’ll find a bucket in maybe your garage or your laundry room…but you definitely won’t expect to find one in the hands of an eager student with all their books inside. Carrying a bucket around on the anything but a backpack day can get you a few laughs.
  4. Baby carrier: If there’s one way to show that you care about your schoolbooks, there’s perhaps nothing better you can do than carry them around in a baby carrier. As an added bone, put a little blanket partially on top of them along with a few small plush toys.
  5. Shopping cart: Getting your hands on a shopping cart may not be very easy, but it can be a fun way to start off your anything but a backpack day. And, as per an idea we got online, it may be a good idea to have a buddy climb inside if you both want to walk down a long hallway and aren’t feeling like it.
  6. Stroller: A baby carrier is what you carry in your hands whereas a stroller is what you push around on wheels. And the common thing? They both carry babies…or at least, they are supposed to. If you have an old stroller stored away by a nostalgic parent, you can bring it on anything but a backpack day and use it the same way as a baby carrier (discussed at number 4).
  7. Fishing Net: There are mainly two types of fishing nets. One is the ropey type i.e., that is largely made up of the net itself and is cast in the water with the person holding the rope in hand. The other type is usually smaller, and it consists of a net hooped at the end of a large stick. So, on your anything but a backpack day, you can grab a net of the latter type, put your school stuff in it and carry it around over your shoulder.
  8. Fishing Tackle Box: While we are on the topic of fishing, another good idea for your anything but a backpack day is using a fishing tackle box. Granted that this may not be the best choice if the box you have on hand only consists of small and special compartments for things like lures, baits, and lines. But, if there is some sort of miscellaneous empty space in there, you can use it to store and carry your school stuff around.
  9. Wheeled Office Chair: Okay, so this one would require some effort from you…considering that you’d have to bring one all the way to school. But, using an office chair can be a fun way to get around your day. You can carefully place your things on the cushion. And then wheel the chair around the hallways and classes all you want.
  10. Air Fryer: This one sounds like a joke – well, every other stuff in this post does too. But using an air fryer is an idea that we found on more than one online source. Air fryers typically have a large space where you have to put the foodstuff. If the one you have is big enough, this space can act as a suitable place for you to deposit your school supplies. Of course, you’ll have to use a clean fryer for this – ideally, an unused one that you have at home. And you should also bear in mind that lugging the thing around would be somewhat tiring so do it only if you are up for the challenge.

What Should You Not Do on an Anything but a Backpack Day?

While there are tons of fun ideas that you can try out on this day, there is also some stuff that you have to avoid.

  1. You should avoid using any type of object or receptacle that may appear to be disrespectful to the books and other school supplies. Don’t carry them in a trashcan, for example.
  2. You should also avoid using any type of container that would damage the books/papers, etc. While you can have fun for the day, you should remember that you have to bring all the stuff back again for the rest of the year. Stuffing the books haphazardly somewhere could cause them to get weirdly bent or torn, etc.
  3. Don’t use anything – even in a joke – that may imply some sort of harm to the folk at school. For example, while it may sound like a harmless idea, you wouldn’t want to use a gun case (we’re talking about a fake one – it’d be worse if it’s real) for carrying your books, etc.


So, there you have it. These were some fun ideas that you can try out on anything but a backpack day!

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