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Top 3 Airports in Hawaii with Their Awesome Service

Top 3 Airports in Hawaii with Their Awesome Services

If you’re going to Hawaii, you’re going to spend some time after landing at the airport. And if you’re leaving from Hawaii, then you’ll need to do the same before taking off.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the popular airports in Hawaii that you can make a point of landing at during your trip.

Let’s get started.

1.      Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (Honolulu)

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport is located in the city of Honolulu, which is the capital of Hawaii. It covers an area of 4,220 acres and is the biggest airport in the entire state.

Covering such a large tract of land, the structure of the airport is equally massive, with a total of three terminals and two floors.

The airport provides a range of different amenities and services to visitors.

  • Shuttle services: You can use the shuttle services available inside the airport to get around the different areas easily. Walking to and from areas such as the parking, lounges, terminals, etc., can be tiring considering how large the airport is. You can, for example, use the HNL shuttle to get to the gates of Terminal 2 for free. The free services run every quarter of an hour and transports passengers to the gates in time for their flights.
  • Other transport services: Other than the inter-airport transportation offered by the shuttles, there are other transportation options available, such as the local bus service and the Ride App Pickup points. The latter points serve as places where people can meet for ride-sharing i.e., via an app, etc.
  • Restrooms: Restrooms for visitors are available aplenty for visitors all around the airport on both levels.
  • Service animal relief areas: If you happen to have a service animal with you, you can bring them over to the animal relief areas if they need to relieve themselves.
  • Miscellaneous amenities: There are a lot of other amenities and services that you can use at this airport. There are ATMs, charging stations, shops, and the like that are available throughout the airport for the ease and convenience of visitors.

There are different sites and places that you can easily visit from the HNL airport. You can, for one, take a bus, rental or taxi to visit places like Pearl Harbor and Downtown Honolulu.

2.      Kona International Airport

The Kona International Airport at Keahole (in full “Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport”) is also one of the major airports in Hawaii. Like the Daniel K. Inouye airport, it is named after a notable personality, namely Ellison Onizuka, who was a NASA astronaut born and raised in Hawaii.

The Kona International Airport is not as large as the HNL airport. Instead of three terminals, there are two terminals in a single-floor building. And as compared to four runways at the HML airport, the Kona Airport has just two.

Here are some of the notable things about this airport.

  1. Transportation options: Although a bit less diverse than the ones on HNL, there are still various helpful transportation options that you can find at Kona Airport. You can use the taxi cab service or the car rental service to get to your destination from the airport. There is also a shuttle service available.
  2. Amenities: You can find most of the common amenities usually available in airports at Kona. There are ATMs available on site that you can use for cash withdrawals, balance enquiries and so on. Some of the other amenities listed by the Hawaii Airports’ official website for the Kona Airport include lockers and storage, baggage carts, Internet services, etc.
  3. Airlines: You can find different airlines operating at Kona Airport. This can help you get tickets and plan your flights directly from the airport itself should the need arise.

Kona International Airport is one of the best and one of the most major airports in Hawaii. However, in terms of the grandiose structure and the diversity of provided amenities, it’s a little less than the one in Honolulu i.e., discussed at number 1.

3.      Lihue Airport

The Lihue Airport is located on Kaua’i Island, which is the second biggest of the lot in Hawaii. One of the salient features of Kaua’i Island is its generous greenery, which earns it the name “The Garden Island.”

Lihue Airport

If you are heading to The Garden Island on your trip to Hawaii, you need to educate yourself on the biggest airport situated on it. And that is, of course, Lihue Airport.

In size, the Lihue Airport is quite small when compared to the larger ones in Hawaii, namely the Daniel K. Inouye Airport. While the latter covers 4,220 acres of land, the former adjusts itself on a modest 915.

The building of the airport itself is small and sparing with just one terminal building. The upper floor of the building, according to, is used for departures and the lower one is used for arrivals.

There are a total of two runways and 10 gates that facilitate the passengers for the outgoing and incoming flights.

We’ve stretched the rudimentary stuff a little longer, so let’s stick to the pattern above and list some of the special stuff about this airport in points.

  1. Transportation options: Like the ones we’ve discussed above, the Lihue airport offers a range of different transportation options to its visitors. On the official website, different modes of transport are listed, such as the taxi service, the Kaua’i bus, car rentals and so on.
  2. Easy to get around: One of the best things about the Lihue Airport is its comparatively small and cozy building structure. The entire airport is laid out simply, with the parking on one side, the airport building on the other with the runways right across it.
  3. Services and facilities: The services and facilities, although lacking in number, are available in the same type of diversity in the Lihue airport. You can find things like:
    1. Restrooms
    1. ATMs
    1. ID office
    1. Wheelchairs
    1. Public telephones

And so on.


If you are thinking about going to the Big Island (which is another name for Hawaii, don’t worry), you should do a bit of research on the airports to choose your destination.

The ones we’ve mentioned above are some of the main airports that you can touch down on. By the way, things are constantly improving and being added in places like these, so be sure to visit the Hawaii “Gov” website for more updated information if you want. As far as the basic stuff goes, we’ve elaborated it in the post above.

Be back for more!

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