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Adventures in Berlin – How to Spend Three Days in Berlin

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Berlin, as we all know, was the most important city during the Cold War. during WWII the allied powers divided Germany into two. The city was covered in tunnels and bunkers. Because of its eventful past, there are a thousand hidden spots in the city. The city was covered in tunnels, bunkers and secret passageways for the armed forces.

Not many knows, there is a whole city hidden underneath the city roads. With a remarkable past and a troubled existence that this German city has faced, you can find a million things to do in Berlin through which you can explore every bit of its existence in the great war era. Despite the history it faced, it remained unfazed and is a great tourist destination today. We have a list of 7 fun things to do in Berlin that will take you a bit closer to this historical city. The itinerary is a good way to spend three days in Berlin.

Fly from the tallest skyscraper in Berlin

Alexanderplatz Tower Berlin

Get the Base Flying experience in Berlin. Fly like a bird harnessed on top of a 125 meter tall skyscraper in the middle of the city of Alexanderplatz at hotel Park Inn. definitely, not for the faint hearted, it is a unique jaw dropping for the one going for it and those who at them from the ground. If base flying isn’t enough, there’s Bungee Jumping too or you can try both.

Sip coffee and climb a mountain in Böttgerstrasse

Magic Mountain Berlin

Coffee and climbing go hand in hand at the Magic Mountain in Böttgerstrasse. The climbing and bouldering experience at this Rock climbing gym is unmatched. There’s free coffee for the ones who reach here in the morning every Thursday coz that’s when the schedule starts every week.

Find secret Germany through hidden bunkers

Berlin Underground Tour

Explore the myth of old Germany in one of those adventurous Berlin Underground Bunker tours. The crucial history of Germany is laiden with WWII and the devastating division of the state in two parts. The underground tours are a walk in history which acquaint you with the historical sights around the city. Take a trip through the old Cold War time bunkers and walk beneath the Berlin Wall to debunk the Nazi time myths from the real facts.

Savor the best schokolade in Berlin

Without any questions and doubts just head to Charlottenstraße. There you will find the best chocolate house in all of Germany the Rausch Scholodehaus. There are two things that you ought to try here their Handmade specials and their Summer Creations. If you are the gifted ones who have the taste buds of the daring kind, get hold of the 75 grams of dark heavenly goodness sprinkled with red chilies or just buy the exquisitely handcrafted tiny balls of luxurious truffles.

Unique food experiences in Berlin

Food in Berlin

Local cuisine of any city in the world it will always be a welcoming surprise for your taste buds. Germany has had a diverse influx of cultures throughout its history. Germans are known for their undying love for sausages and Currywurst is by far the most well-known preparations of German cuisine. But, there’s respite for vegetarians too! For the love of potatoes try the Kartoffelpuffer, the good old potato pancakes. Satisfy your sweet tooth with Apfelstrudel, sweet slices of apple wrapped in thin sheets of pastry baked to perfection.

Road trip ideas in Berlin

Road Trip

Oh yes! We all wait for the weekend for those utter fun short road trips with friends. Berlin has a lot of good places that will have you enthralled. Marvel at the deep emerald hues of the Baltic sea on a trip to Szczecin, the gorgeous seaport of Poland. Witness the marvelous baroque architecture of the Frauenkirche church in Dresden. From Dresden, head to Leipzig for a visit to the Stadtgeschichtliches museum. The gothic architecture of Lübeck will take you back in time to the medieval history of northern Germany. Prague isn’t far away from berlin. You can easily plan a 4 hour trip to this beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic. The options are really endless! Berlin is well with in the vicinity of many amazing European cities that you can explore on a short road trip.

Step into the history of the Great Wall of Berlin

Great Wall of Berlin

Reminiscent of the great division, the Palace of Tears or Tränenpalast used to be the station where people crossed over to the other side of the Berlin Wall. Located in the Friedrichstraße railway station the palace still holds the memories of the divided past of East and West Germany. A number of great exhibitions are held here depicting the times of the division. Memorabilia and artifacts from that era have been well-preserved and still holds stories of the sad past.

Wondering where to stay in Berlin?

Trip to Berlin

If you are wondering where to stay in Berlin on your next trip we have just the right solution for you. Book a convenient serviced apartment in Berlin and experience this historical city of Germany like never before.


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