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adventure fishing trip to Finland

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I recently watched a fun show that follows an Australian / Swedish / Finnish family from
Sydney, Australia (I know, try following that!) on a fishing adventure trip to Finland.

fish8Hosted by their son William Knoke, “Fish, Cook & Travel with William” shows the frustrations of trying to catch fish, see stunning landscapes and meet & learn from people of different cultures and most importantly a good family bonding time.

Their travels took them from Kesankijarvi in Akaslompolo to Kalajarvi frozen lake.

Amazingly the days are mostly dark with the sun barely making it above the horizon in such a northern
latitude which means you can easily get out of bed too late ! To help with any tiredness you can always do a sauna then snow plunge! In freezing degrees!

Santa Park in Rovaniemi, Lapland was a treat. Santa’s elves making presents, a polar bear made of ice, they even saw China’s president, Mr Xi Jinping there!

All in all a good 20 minutes of adventure and fun all for only 65 cents a stream on You may want to check it out!

Here are some picture during trip :

enjoying on snow 😉








Please check out more information on here :

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