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7 Days in Oaxaca
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How to Spend 7 Days in Oaxaca

For a passionate traveler, exploring a place demands at least a year or more. But a confident and motivated traveler can do in one week what others need a year or more. So, if you are a confident and clearly motivated traveler, you can visit Oaxaca at least once in your life. Days will pass through you just like seconds, and you will feel lost in this destination’s beauty. Therefore, you need to be more confident and ambitious about your travel that you have to conclude in 7 days.

In this article, we will tell you how you can spend your 7 days in Oaxaca.

Ways to Spend Your Best 7 Days in Oaxaca

Travelers need to know how to spend their best days in Oaxaca while dealing with problems and enjoying the journey. This section has compiled a complete guide to one week’s spending in Oaxaca to explore its culture and beauty.

Day 1: Arrival on the Destination

The day when you arrive at the location, you can dedicate it to the food. Some tourists are greatly fond of food and wandering around the markets, if you are too then you shall do. This destination has a variety of foods that food lovers (Foodies) will love about the place. You are free to try its worldwide famous drink, Cacao (a chocolate drink), and also mezcal. These drinks or food items will activate your taste buds on another level of eating experiences.

Furthermore, the highlight is the main thing in a journey with your precious ones. You should make sure to have a shooting device, usually called a camera, to capture the aesthetic scenes of Oaxaca. The cloud forest of Ixtepeji will provide you with a chance to touch the clouds and make a memorable day.

Day 2: Culinary Journey through Oaxaca’s Markets

Oaxaca has some lesser-known places that can provide an extraordinary experience to travelers through their beauty. Moreover, these places will provide a venture to those visitors who are seeking ways to enjoy the city coast. Tourists will likely seek the differences in the cultures and norms that this place may provide by combining culinary experiences. Visitors have a great option to enjoy learning artisan crafts in local villages and traditions to gain knowledge about cultural norms.

Day 3: Coastal Mexico Adventure

Tourists have multiple options to spend their third day in Mexico, like they can ride houses or experience turtle hatching. Turtles lay their eggs on the beaches of Mazunte, hatch in the summer seasons, and small turtles are born. It will be an extraordinary experience to watch how lives become the reality that makes the values of lives. Furthermore, a horse ride to the biodiverse Laguna de Manialtepec provides you with a luxurious experience. You will get a reminder of how people used to travel around countries and cities.

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Day 4: Mexican Culture, Cuisine & Crafts in Oaxaca

This city has multiple places that can provide tourists with a chance to explore the culture and natural landscape. Mexico’s cuisine boasts various delicious street foods, such as tacos, soups, tortas, gorditas, tlacoyos, and sincronizadas. You may delve into sights, tastes, and smells to find out the cultural differences between your culture and Mexican culture. In addition to sailing and snorkeling around Huatulco’s nine pristine bays, visitors can also relax on the golden beaches of Puerto Escondido.

Day 5: Mexican Art & Craftsmanship in Puebla & Oaxaca

You can embark on a walking tour to discover the main attractions of Oaxaca City. Visit the Aqueduct Arcos De Xochimilco, which dates back centuries. Further, you may visit the breathtaking cathedrals of Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán and Señor del Rayo. Stop by a local chocolate factory and indulge in some traditional Oaxacan cuisine at the vibrant markets of Benito Juárez.

The following day, venture beyond the city limits to see other notable spots, including an ancient and colossal cypress tree. Moreover, there are striking rock formations at Hierve el Agua, the Mitla Archaeological Zone, and wool-weaving workshops in Teotitlán del Valle. You’ll also have the chance to visit a traditional palenque, where you can sample mezcal, a traditional alcoholic beverage.

Day 6: Huautli Food Experience & Dessert Workshop

During the Oaxacan leg of your trip, you will follow the Ruta Ocotlán, a scenic route that passes through towns. You may visit San Bartolo Coyotepec and Jalietza, where you will meet skilled artisans and learn about their crafts. Later on, you will savor the delectable flavors of traditional Oaxacan cuisine at a local restaurant. Your immersion in Oaxacan culture will continue with a visit to the ancient Zapotec capital of Monte Albán. Moreover, it may be followed by an alebrijes workshop in Arrazola. Your adventure will culminate with an art workshop and cooking class in Oaxaca City.

Day 7: Departure from Oaxaca

Day 7 is the departure day of your travel to Oaxaca. Your Oaxacan adventure is coming to an end today, but you can make it memorable for yourself by meeting someone. If someone from your family or friends lives in Oaxaca, you can conduct a meeting with them. This will enhance your emotional connectivity with the tour, which also provides a fantastic journey experience. Your driver will pick you up from your accommodation and take you to Oaxaca International Airport to catch your flight.

Ending Note

Spending to a place and exploring its wonders demands a year or more from visitors. However, a passionate, confident and clearly motivated person needs only seven days to explore the place fully. So, if you are one of them, you are free to spend memorable seven days of your life in Oaxaca. In doing so, you will get the chance to know your exploring abilities so that you can make things work. Moreover, you are free to plan your seven-day schedule to know how you will spend it. This will help you to take action according to your plans to explore the destination effectively in a week.

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