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7 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Mysore
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7 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Mysore

Mysore is your one stop destination for art, adventure and amazing experiences. With rich history and heritage, the city is home to magnificent palaces that are lit during evenings. Along with greenery in huge gardens, Mysore also has various spots for adventure activities. Even after being a tourist destination, you can find budget-friendly Treebo Mysore Hotels for theĀ  best accommodation options.

When in Mysore, you cannot miss the famous tourist places combining divinity, serenity and history. Right from the mouth-watering dosas to stunning architecture, the city has something for everyone. To enjoy your stay, book hotels in Mysore near the famous tourist places to save time. Also, do not forget to collect souvenirs from the bustling markets here. Check out the best tourist places to visit in Mysore with friends, families or solo!

Top Tourist Places in Mysore

1. Mysore Palace

Your journey to Mysore remains incomplete without visiting the famous Mysore Palace. Also known as Amba Vilas Palace, it is definitely one of the best heritage sites in the city. The palace speaks of the rich heritage of the Wadiyar dynasty. You can witness a huge collection of traditional dolls and also spot the Maharaja’s seat made of gold.

It is a great idea to find hotels in Mysore near the palace as it takes many hours to explore. It offers a fusion of Mughal Rajput and Gothic styles. The palace is completely lit during the evening offering a mystical beauty to spot!

2. Brindavan Gardens

Mysore offers a fusion of art and greenery like never before! Brindavan gardens in Mysore is a beautiful destination built across the Kaveri River. The garden is divided into two directions, north and south. If you love a relaxing time, boating is one of the best things to do here.

Brindavan Gardens is also famous for the light show and musical fountain that attracts m tourists every year.  Right from instrumental music to patriotic songs, the mesmerizing show leaves unforgettable memories in your heart. It also has two horticulture farms where you can spot different types of plants and learn more about it.

3. Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens

Also known as Mysuru Zoo, Sri Chamarajendra zoological Gardens is one of the famous tourist places in Mysore. It is a great idea to look for budget friendly Treebo Mysore hotels near the zoo as it is definitely time-consuming to travel here. The zoo aims to connect visitors with animal welfare and care.

It also displays an exotic side of the wildlife. The zoo is home to Asiatic bear, Sloth bear, African elephant, Black buck, Giraffe, 4 horned antelope and other species of herbivores. If you love watching birds, the zoo is home to the Black Swan, Dusky lory, Flamingo, Great white Pelican and Scarlet Ibis. It is your time to take cameras and capture the exotic side of nature.

4. Sri Chamundeshwari Temple

Being rich in culture, Mysore has a plethora of temples in the city. However, Sri Chamundeshwari Temple happens to be one of the must-visit tourist places. If you think getting blessings is easy, you are not right. The temple is located on the top of Chamundi Hills so you need to climb upwards to experience the mesmerizing beauty and architecture.

Moreover, the temple is surrounded by natural beauty and you can spot a variety of trees, birds and animals from the top. It also gives a jaw-dropping view of Mysore from above the hill. You can spot Lalitha Mahal Palace, Dasara exhibition Grounds and Kukkarahalli lake from Chamundi Hills. Check for budget-friendly hotels in Mysore near the temple for a serene getaway.

5. Mysuru Rail Museum

You must have spotted various museums in closed enclosures. However, Mysuru Rail Museum is an open exhibition of vintage locomotives. Established in the year 1979, the museum attracts various tourists throughout the year. You can witness the development of Indian Railways and how construction, architecture and engineering has transformed over the years.

The museum also displays the royal compartments used by Kings and Queens of Mysore. Check for Treebo Mysore hotels near the Museum as you can never get tired of capturing photographs here. It also has a gallery filled with many paintings and photographs depicting the journey of Indian Railways. To add to the entertainment, it has a mini train for children to view the museum.

6. Karanji Lake

Mysore surprises you in so many ways and Karanji Lake is one of the best tourist places to surprise yourself with a fusion of nature and wildlife. Also known as the fountain lake, it is a popular picnic spot for friends and family. The lake is surrounded by a Butterfly Park and an Aviary where you can spot more than 147 species of birds. Asian openbill storks and gray pelicans are famous here!

There are more than 45 species of colourful butterflies roaming all around. It is an enthralling time to be near the lake, take a soothing walk, or even explore the Regional Museum of Natural History on the banks. Check for hotels near Karanji Lake to save time and invest it in the lap of greenery.

7. Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery And Auditorium

The creative excellence of Hindu architecture can be spotted at the popular Jaganmohan Palace Art Gallery And Auditorium. You can also find various Treebo Mysore Hotels near the tourist destination as it attracts thousands of eyeballs. The palace is now converted to an art gallery to display authentic artworks and paintings.

The palace currently has approximately 2000 exquisite paintings that are worth spotting! You can witness the artistic work in intricacies of the interiors here. Various murals display scenes from Jumbo Savari and Dasara; some are made with vegetable dyes. Unique artifacts including French clocks, miniature soldiers, antique coins and musical instruments can be spotted here.

When visiting Mysore, you cannot miss these tourist places. If the journey tires you, nothing better than jumping on the comfortable linen beds of Treebo hotels. Treebo Mysore Hotels are all about luxury, comfort and unbeatable prices.

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As Treebo Mysore Hotels host you with budget-friendly prices and top amenities, you can easily book your holiday in Mysore. The city has something for everyone right from adventures that give an adrenaline rush to soothing parks and divine temples.


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