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6 Tricks to Save Money on Car Rentals

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Car rentals don’t have to cost an arm and a leg! When you discover our 6 tricks to save money on car rentals, you’ll be able to save cash which you may use for other things, such as great meals or accommodations. Without further ado, we’d like to share the best tips. They’ll empower you as a consumer.

1.) Join Rental Car Rewards Programs

Most larger rental car companies offer rewards programs to their customers. In the vast majority of cases, these programs are free to join and easy to sign up for. Once you’ve joined a loyalty rewards program, you’ll access tons of money-saving perks. For example, you’ll earn points which may be put towards upgrades or rentals.

2.) Find Digital Coupons Online

These days, lots of websites feature virtual coupons which may be redeemed for vehicle rentals. The easiest way to find these coupons is to do a quick and simple Google search for “coupons rental car”. You may also want to add your country name or city name. See what pops up.

You can also search for specific provider coupons such as Hertz. Simply type in Hertz Coupons and you will have plenty of options to choose from.

3.) Use Online Deal Aggregators

A couple of online deal aggregators offer plenty of cash-saving potential to those who want to rent vehicles for less. Examples include and Check one or both of them out in order to see which rental car deals are the most appealing. These online deal aggregators will display deals from bigger rental car companies, as well as off-brand companies. Don’t count the off-brand companies out, as they are often reputable and extremely affordable.

4.) Pay in Advance and Save Money

Paying before your trip date is one of the keys to getting a better rate for a rental car. It may be possible to find a prepaid-only deal which save you a lot of money. We recommend checking travel deal websites which offer rental car deals. Hotwire and Priceline are just two examples. When you pay in advance, you’ll get your rental car planning handled and you may be able to save a significant amount of money.

5.) Avoid Renting at an Airport

We don’t recommend renting a car at an airport. It’s better to rent via an off-site agency or through your own hotel. For example, the concierge at your hotel will be able to help you find a deal which doesn’t include airport concession fees. These airport concession fees really add up. Some of them cost ten percent of the total vehicle rental fee, while others cost as much as thirty percent of the total vehicle rental fee.

6.) Don’t Sign On for Insurance

Insurance is typically optional in the USA. In most states, it is something that you may buy or not buy. It’s possible that you already have insurance coverage via your credit card or AAA. Be sure to check before buying additional insurance. You may not need it and there’s no point in buying it if you already have coverage.


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