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6 Tips to Save on Holiday Travel Costs

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The chance to be near loved ones makes holiday traveling so important. That’s why you refuse to let anything stop you from journeying across state or across country for your family.  Nevertheless, the heavy price tags might hinder your trip plans. Fear not because our holiday travel savings tips will rid you of expense worries.


Avoid Peak Travel Days


Don’t travel the Wednesday before Thanksgiving: this is the day when most people head home for the holiday. As a result, Wednesday is usually full of traffic jams, price surges, and other annoying hassles. Start your trip a few days earlier than the peak holiday days. For example, head home on the Monday before Thanksgiving, and hit the road on the Saturday after it–because most people wait until Sunday to return from Thanksgiving celebrations.


The peak travel days for New Year’s Day and Christmas vary by the day these holidays fall on each year. A Christmas day that lands on a Friday might mean that the peak traveling days are the Wednesday and Thursday before Christmas and the Sunday after it.


Book Early


During the holidays, waiting until the last minute to buy a ticket often means that you’ll be forced to pay skyrocket prices. Experts recommend waiting no less than three weeks to book a hotel or pay for airfare. For the biggest discounts, follow Cheapair’s 54 days before rule. Sometimes it benefits you to wait until the last minute to book a flight or a hotel, but it’s a very risky gamble. Typically, avoid traveling, even just driving, on Wednesday and Sundays. The best time to travel for a holiday is Tuesday for leaving and Saturday when returning.


Most travelers want to spend their entire weekend with family, so they’ll wait to travel until Sunday or Monday. By Tuesday, most people have already returned home, or plan to head home later during the week. On Saturday, most people have settled into a full weekend with the family. Try to extend your stay a few days later to ensure that you get the best discounts by leaving on a low travel day.


Download an App


Many traveling companies offer their customers discounts in order to get them to download their apps. Many also continue to supply daily or weekly discount codes to members who use the app a lot, refer the app to others, and earn points. These codes act as a thank you for customer loyalty. Download travel apps like HotelTonight,, and Jetsetter to stay-up-to-date on travel changes and get savings.


Travel apps also alert you to hotel or flight sales; and they offer travel tips.


Consider Vacation Packages


Sometimes it is cheaper to just book a vacation package instead of booking everything separately. Find vacation packages on most price comparison sites like Priceline, Expedia, and Travelocity. Also use Sell Off Vacations when you have flexibility with your travel dates.


Use Groupon


Groupon offers a number of services that make booking a hotel cheaper and easier. Use coupon codes to book a hotel at Crowne Plaza Hotels, or check Groupon’s daily deal sections for discounted vacation and hotel packages.


Ship Presents


Instead of carrying gifts in your luggage, order all your presents online, and then have them shipped to your intended holiday destination. Do this to save luggage space, time, and shipping costs.


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