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6 Pieces of Advice on How to Move to a New City Without Stress

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Moving is one of the most strenuous processes that you can go through. Everything can go wrong. Everything. But how can you manage the stress and all the problems? We have a list that can help you make the big move all the easier.

We provide global serviced apartments as well as relocation services that can facilitate the whole moving process and give you the stress-free experience you need. With no landlord or deposit, these are the real deal of enjoying the new city rather than some bog standard rental.

Moving to new city guide

Continue reading to find out how you can plan a stress-free move

Find the right relocation company

This goes without saying. By digging through the internet you’ll be able to discover the best deals for moving your precious belongings. The right company will give you a good price and their safe pairs of hands will make the move so much easier. Don’t go for a cheap deal, go for the one that will protect your belongings.

Have a job all set up (or have a plan)

Income is vital to sustain any livelihood, especially in the hustle and bustle of a city where everything costs double the usual price. If you’re moving for a new job then you’re more than set as the job is waiting. If you’re taking a jump in the deep end then you need to have a plan. Make a list of the local recruitment agencies, look up the best companies in your chosen industry and design a contingency plan in case the big dream takes longer than expected. Nothing is more stressful than having no plan and nothing to go to, so make sure you’ve got everything planned out first.

Know where your nearest hospital is

Your health is very important and it needs to be constantly checked. If you have any preexisting conditions or suffer more than most from illnesses then you need to know where your nearest doctor is immediate. Don’t leave this until the last minute. Find out and register to be on the safe side.

Get everything packed up

Pretty obvious, but not everybody does this or they leave it until the last minute. By getting everything packed up, you’ll be more than able to deal with the pressures of the coming days as you prepare for the big day. Use sensibly sized boxes that can carry belongings; plastic boxes are better than the old cardboard boxes if you can afford them. Label efficiently and ensure you don’t crush any precious or fragile belongings in the process.

Save some money

Yep, that’s right. Save as much as you can. This is more than a pertinent thing to do if this is a jump in the dark to chase the big dream of yours. Moving without sufficient savings or a safety net is risky. By having money saved, you can protect yourself from any unforeseen circumstances and have a greater sense of ease as you move to the new city.

Find the right accommodation

Where you live will make your move a success or a failure. The right property will ooze all the comforts and atmosphere that will make your new life in the city a breeze. Serviced accommodation is the way to go, featuring all the homely features and amenities that you need to enjoy your living space. They’re way better than your average rentals and don’t need you to pay a hefty deposit beforehand. What’s more is that the serviced apartment will come fully furnished, meaning you won’t need to bring all your furniture with you.

These tips can help ease the transition into your new home and still keep you in touch with the loved ones you’re leaving behind.


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