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5 Ways to See Arizona Like You Never Have

Whether you go hiking down the Grand Canyon or take a lift to the top of local ski slopes, the state of Arizona has things to do whether you look high or low. No matter how often you visit, something new is always waiting for you on your next visit. To spice things up for your next visit, why not see Arizona like you never have before?

5 Ways to See Arizona Like You Never Have

If you want to see this state in a new way, you need to have some ideas to consider:

  • By Air: A big state has a huge sky, which can give you a physical perspective of the state like no other. Push the envelope with hang-gliding or skydiving, or conquer your fears with a hot air balloon ride. Helicopter rides over the Grand Canyon aren’t something you get to do every day. If you’d like to stay relatively close to earth but still get a view and a quick rush, then consider a zipline through a canopy of pine tree forest.
  • Rafting: If you’re looking for a true adventure, then rafting is something to consider seriously. The Grand Canyon might be the top-tier destination for this, but it’s also not the only option. Choose from plenty of rivers and canyons to flow through with family and friends. If you raft through the Grand Canyon, you might not have to worry about rain. Some stretches of the Canyon are so deep that rain evaporates before it gets to the bottom. That water messing up your hair is probably a family member splashing you from behind when the tour guide isn’t looking.
  • Train: Arizona is a huge state with a lot of landscape that lends itself to watching it roll slowly. A train ride is a great way to do that. You can visit certain spots for a quick scenic train ride for the afternoon. You can also cross the state on a long-distance passenger train and enjoy the views from your cabin, seat, or dining car all day. Get off the train and enjoy any available stops to get some fresh, clean Arizona air.
  • Bus Tour: If you want to truly relax and let someone else handle nearly everything for you, then a bus tour can be a great option. No one has to be the one actually driving, which means everyone gets to sit back and enjoy the views and scenery. All those stunning vistas are much easier to see over other passenger vehicles when sitting up in a bus. Organized tour guides keep you informed and even a little entertained while getting you between points of interest where you can see and do things already arranged for you. Many bus tours also offer complimentary Wi-Fi for anyone in the family that needs a daily dose of digital life back home.
  • Visit March Through May: You might think of Arizona as a state with many deserts, and that’s true. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always monochrome. Quite a few wildflowers bloom in the desert during these three months. Even many of the cacti might sport white blooms. Seeing a normally serene yet visually drab desert explode with rainbows of color is a unique sight to see and a wonderful chance to take photos and make memories unlike any other you’ll ever have.

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Swing by Antelope Canyon

When you’re here, make sure you visit Antelope Canyon. There are many great reasons to include this stop on your itinerary:

  • Serenity: Antelope Canyon is a very still and often quiet place. If you’re used to hustling through city life back home, then this is the perfect counterpoint.
  • Beauty: A desert might seem empty in many photographs, but when standing in the middle of one, you cannot help but notice just how gorgeous the open space can be.
  • Great Photos: This canyon might seem like the kind of thing you only see in movies or music videos, but that’s because they film here. Natural lighting, wonderful staircases, and breathtaking red rock add to Instagram images you’ll be proud of.
  • Avoid Crowds: Whether you’re social-distancing or want to get away from crowds, the lower canyon here has many tours and experiences that you’ll find adventurous yet relaxing.
  • Your Needs Are Nearby: Dining out, entertainment, accommodations, and airports are all close to Antelope Canyon if you are making your own arrangements.

When to Visit

Of course, you’ll want great weather when you visit Arizona so you can make the most of your trip. That might make you think twice about the summer, considering how high the temperatures can get during the day. Triple-digit temps are common in many parts of the state, but not always.

You need to factor in where you are coming from. Flying into Phoenix when it’s in the low hundreds when coming from the North can be a shock to your system. However, coming from the Southeast might not be as big of a deal because you could be leaving humidity behind for dry heat.

U.S. News and World Report Travel recommends November through April as a good time to visit Phoenix. If you want to get truly deep discounts across most of the state, then aim for the months of May and September.

Make a Unique Memory

Visiting Arizona in ways like you never have before can mean your next trip here is unlike any of your previous visits. Even if you’ve never come here before, you can take advantage of these ideas to have a unique trip and distinct experience your friends and family are sure to be jealous of.

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