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5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Berlin

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No doubt Berlin has become one of the hottest cities in Europe these past few years. With such a flow of people visiting from all over the world along with the different culinary tastes of Berlin’s locals, those visiting the city collapse under the immense choice of dining options.
Nowadays, the vegetarian spirit and the restaurants in Berlin is expanding as never before. In fact, the vegetarian cuisine served in the restaurants in Berlin is so good that it will probably make you forget about that famous Wurst sausage and dedicate on a leave-full meal – 100% healthy and organic.
If you are looking for the best vegetarian restaurant in Berlin, you should definitely check out these names:

  • Vaust Braugaststatte – Serving much more than only vegetarian food, this amazing restaurant in Berlin has been known as the one-stop for vegans as well. The variety of dishes includes vegetable, vegan, pizza, organic and Mediterranean tastes as well as great German beer and wine.
  • Let It Be – Let it be is another one of the unique vegetarian restaurants in Berlin. Actually, it is a vegan crepes cafe that offers vegetable dishes and recipes in the forms of burgers, sandwiches, sides and other menu specials.
  • Daluma – This vegetarian restaurant in Berlin provides an organic and healthy breakfast, lunch and brunch choices in Berlin topped up with the healthiest smoothies, snacks and juices. Daluma also offers outdoor seating which is a great thing to consider in the summer days.
  • Sala – Sala is a vegetarian food restaurant in Berlin with outdoor seating. The affordable prices on vegetarian dishes in Berlin have made Sala a popular space for the vegan crowd to gather. Sala is also known for the wheelchair accessibility, another great benefit for an urban vegetarian restaurant in Berlin.
  • Brunetti’s Veganarium – Just as the name implies, this vegetarian kitchen in Berlin offers pizza, pasta, smoothies and juices – basically everything in the vegetarian and vegan spirit. Before visiting the Brunetti’s Venanarium however, you should know that the place does not accept credit cards.
    In the end, the vegetarian restaurants scene in Berlin is improving month by month. From the newest forms of vegetarian burger and snack bars to the typical elegant vegetarian restaurants, Berlin is definitely one of the most ‘vegan-aware’ cities in the world.

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