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Train Journeys in South India
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10 Incredible Train Journeys in South India

Train Journeys are always fun and best for relaxing mind and enjoying. South India, with its lush sceneries, diverse cultures, and rich history, offers a treasure trove of incredible train journeys. From traversing the picturesque Western Ghats to gliding along the serene coastlines, South India’s train routes provide travelers with an unparalleled opportunity to experience the region’s natural beauty and cultural diversity.

In this blog post, we have mentioned some incredible train journeys in South India.

10 Train Journeys in South India

Here is the list of some incredible train journeys in India:

1- Nilgiris Mountain Railway

Our first stop on this incredible train journey through South India is the Nilgiris Mountain Railway. Running from Mettupalayam to Udhagamandalam, also known as Ooty, this UNESCO World Heritage-listed line is a masterpiece of engineering. As the train ascends the Nilgiris Hills, passengers are treated to wonderful views of tea gardens, dense forests, and falling waterfalls. The slow pace and the small, blue coaches make this journey an enchanting and unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to try the local Nilgiris tea onboard.

Travel Articles | Travel Blogs | Travel News & Information | Travel Guide |  India.comEverything you should know about Nilgiri Mountain Railway |

2- Konkan Railway

The Konkan Railway, stretching from Mangalore in Karnataka to Mumbai in Maharashtra, is another gem in South India’s train network. This route takes you along the stunning Konkan coast, offering glimpses of pristine beaches, lush green fields, and the azure Arabian Sea. The journey is a delightful mix of natural beauty and cultural encounters, with stops at historic towns like Goa and Ratnagiri. The monsoon season adds a special touch to the journey, as the landscape comes alive with lush vegetation and roaring waterfalls.


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3- Kerala’s Backwaters

Kerala, often called God’s Own Country, is renowned for its idyllic backwaters. While not a traditional train journey, a ride on the Kollam Junction to Thiruvananthapuram Central train offers a unique opportunity to witness the intricate network of backwaters that crisscross the state. As the train chugs along the backwaters, you’ll see traditional Kerala villages, houseboats, and the serene beauty of the region. This experience is a tranquil and authentic introduction to the heart of Kerala.

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4- Mysore to Ooty

Another exceptional train journey in South India is the route from Mysore to Ooty. This short but sweet trip takes you from the royal city of Mysore to the charming hill station of Ooty in Tamil Nadu. As the train climbs up the Nilgiris Hills, you’ll pass through tunnels, over bridges, and around deep valleys. The scenery is reminiscent of a postcard with vast stretches of tea gardens, eucalyptus forests, and majestic mountains. The toy train ride from Coonoor to Ooty is a highlight, offering stunning panoramic views.

Ooty Toy Train (Ticket Cost, Booking, Timings & Route) - Ooty Tourism 2023

5- Vivek Express

The Vivek Express, which travels from Dibrugarh in Assam to Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India, is renowned for its amazing length and the variety of scenery it passes through. This train journey, spanning more than 4,000 kilometers and eight Indian states, offers a microcosm of the geographic and cultural diversity of the nation. As you travel across the various landscapes, which range from the lush tea plantations of Assam to the arid plains of Tamil Nadu, you’ll gain a unique perspective on the country’s regional differences.

India's longest train Vivek Express to run 4-days a week from May 7

6- Rameswaram Express

The Rameswaram Express, connecting Chennai with Rameswaram, is a journey that holds cultural and spiritual significance. Rameswaram is a sacred pilgrimage destination for Hindus, and the train journey allows travelers to soak in the rich religious atmosphere. The Pamban Bridge, which the train crosses, is an engineering marvel and offers mesmerizing views of the Indian Ocean. The train ride, coupled with a visit to the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Rameswaram, provides a profound spiritual experience.

Train over the Sea ! Rameswaram Express on Pamban Bridge - YouTube

7- Golden Chariot Luxury Train

For those looking for a beautiful train journey across South India that combines luxury and discovery, the Golden Chariot is an exquisite substitute. The historical sites of Mysore, the beaches of Goa, and the architectural marvels of Hampi are all on display as this train passes through Goa and Karnataka. With gorgeous staterooms, excellent cuisine, and thoughtfully arranged off-train excursions, passengers may have a regal experience on the Golden Chariot, which provides a feel of South India’s rich tradition and culture.

The Golden Chariot Luxury Train: What You Need to Know

8- Hubli-Ankola Railway

The Hubli-Ankola Railway, also known as the “Green Route,” is a hidden gem in Karnataka. This scenic train journey takes you from Hubli to Ankola, passing through dense rainforests, waterfalls, and pristine rivers. The route is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, with the opportunity to spot diverse flora and fauna along the way. The lush green surroundings and cool climate make this journey a rejuvenating experience.

Railways to prepare fresh proposal for Hubli-Ankola railway line in  Karnataka

9- Nizamuddin-Ernakulam Duronto Express

The Nizamuddin-Ernakulam Duronto Express is a long-distance train journey connecting Delhi and Kerala’s Ernakulam. The route takes you on a thrilling cross-country expedition, offering glimpses of India’s diverse sceneries. The train passes through the Deccan Plateau, Western Ghats, and coastal plains, showcasing the country’s geographic variety. The journey’s extended duration allows travelers to unwind and appreciate the evolving scenery.


10- The Southern Splendor Luxury Train

The Southern Splendor is a luxury train offering a unique perspective on South India. This journey takes you through the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka, combining the best of these regions. Travelers can explore the majesty of the Chola Dynasty, the serenity of Kerala’s backwaters, and the architectural wonders of Hampi. This lavish experience includes luxurious cabins, gourmet dining, and guided excursions that provide in-depth visions into the history and culture of South India.

Luxury Train Travel in India: A Royal Journey


The amazing train trips in South India provide a fascinating fusion of historical significance, cultural diversity, and scenic beauty. South India offers rail trips that are ideal for all types of travelers, including those who enjoy luxury travel, history, and the outdoors. These train trips offer life-changing experiences, from the spiritual atmosphere of Rameswaram to the extravagance of the Golden Chariot, and from the verdant Nilgiris Hills to the unspoiled backwaters of Kerala. These journeys gives so much peace to your mind.

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